Tournament Leaders (10/6-10/12) & Other news!

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flaunting Zero losses throughout the event!
<h2>Other News!</h2>
I have been working with some of out webdevs to enable us to post our upcoming events calendar! As you can see from the main page now, we have a google calendar plug-ins that will allow us to stay better in sync with our players about upcoming events! You can view the full calendar here: <span style=”text-decoration: underline”><a href=”” target=”_blank”></a></span>

We’ve also created a second calendar for our regular streamers! If you’re a SolForge streamer looking to help promote the game, feel free to contact support about getting your stream schedule on the calendar.
<h2>Upcoming Weekend Warriors</h2>
This Friday at Noon Pacific, we will be opening the <strong>No Alpha Constructed</strong> queues!
<p style=”color: #222222″>This weekend warrior will not be available until Friday October 17th. In this event, you must enter with a deck built entirely from our Rise of the Forgeborn and/or Secrets of Solis sets. When you enter the event, only your decks which qualify will be listed.</p>
<p style=”color: #222222″><span style=”color: #000000″>Entry Fee: 3 Tickets or a Constructed Coupon</span>
Play 4 rounds and win prizes based on your final record:
Four Wins – 4 Event tickets and a Platinum Prize Pack
Three Wins – 3 Event tickets and a Gold Prize Pack
Two Wins – 2 Event tickets and a Silver Prize Pack
One Win – 1 Event Ticket and a Bronze Prize Pack
Zero Wins – Booster Pack</p>
<p style=”color: #222222″>This Weekend Warrior Event will not accept new entries after 11:59 PM (PDT) on Monday October 20th. Tournaments in progress will be allowed to finish, but it is recommended you try to finish your tournament before this time.</p>
<p style=”color: #222222″>Next Friday, we will be opening up the <strong>Unheroic</strong> queue again, but with some small differences based on player feedback to the first event.</p>

<p style=”color: #222222″>This weekend warrior will be available starting Friday October 24th at Noon Pacific</p>
<p style=”color: #222222″><span style=”color: #000000″>Entry Fee: 2 Tickets </span></p>
<p style=”color: #222222″><span style=”color: #000000″>Choose a deck from your saved decks to play in this tournament. You may only use decks that consist of Common and Rare cards. </span></p>
<p style=”color: #222222″><span style=”color: #000000″>Play 3 rounds and win prizes based on your final record:
Three Wins – 3 Event tickets and a Gold Prize Pack
Two Wins – 2 Event tickets and a Silver Prize Pack
One Win – 1 Event Ticket and a Bronze Prize Pack
Zero Wins – Booster Pack </span></p>
<p style=”color: #222222″><span style=”color: #000000″>This Weekend Warrior Event will not accept new entries after 11:59 PM (PDT) on Monday 10/27. Tournaments in progress will be allowed to finish, but it is recommended you try to finish your tournament before this time.</span></p>
A week from this Saturday will also mark our Kickstarter Tournament! If you qualified for participation in the event based on your Kickstarter donation; please be sure to check that you have a Kickstarter Coupon on your account (you can verify this by pressing the ‘Inventory’ button in-game).


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  1. Jackleber1

    David, I think it’s great you are very open with info and obviously read/respond to user feedback. Keep up the good work!

    I think this is a very good reward/cost structure and also suggest it be a permanent queue.

    While I “have you on the line”, a question I’ve often thought during any tournament is how matchmaking works. Do 2-1s play 2-1s and 0-3s play 0-3s etc or can anyone play anyone in a tournament.?

    1. David_SBE Post author

      Tournaments will always try to pair you with someone of the same ranking. However, if enough time elapses, then it will allow for a miss-pairing of 1 degree. If more time passes without a pairing, it will allow for a further miss-pairing.

      So if there are indeed only 2 people in the queue (one 0-3 and one 3-0) they will ‘eventually’ be paired. But it is fairly unlikely.

  2. Aguemi

    Uterra ruled alone, to nobody’s surprise.

    Also, those ranks can not be truted. I played 3 times with Uterra, going 9-3 in total and have not been included there.

    1. David_SBE Post author

      Sorry for not being more clear. We run these reports on Monday Mornings and it only encompasses data from Midnight Monday and before. You were only 6-2 at the time the data was gathered.

  3. Gabo

    I think this is the perfect cost and payout for new player constructed queue. Here’s hoping they become permanent, since I think the game would benefit greatly from it in bringing new player in and, more importantly, keeping them in.

    I also think it would work quite well for a phantom draft. And lets be honest, an unheroic deck doesn’t really require much investment so would it really be a huge leap to have a phantom queue?

    1. Error Ash

      Yea I too think it’s the perfect price structure to appeal to new players. With only a cost of 2 tickets new players will automatically try this first since its the cheapest, and they will have a chance at winning since you don’t need a big card pool. Also it will mostly keep sharks like me out :D I surely would play a few unheroics every now and then, but with the better prizes in standard, thats where you will find me most of the time. My vote for this as permanent queue too, it will surely help keeping new players around!

  4. SilverTail

    I guess this is a suggestion? I like the idea of having a unheroic torny with silver payout(even though its now gold) and a unlegendary torny with gold packs so people can grind packs and be competetive in a queue at any level. Not sure if people with lower card pool would play the game enough to be able to actually grind but meh.

    1. David_SBE Post author

      This event is intended to appeal to our newer users who do not have as large of a collection. We intentionally marked this to have less rewards as it will keep some ‘sharks’ out of the pool and increase the play experience for these users.

      Last time, we ran this as 4 rounds, and costing 3 tickets. This time we have reduced both the rounds and the cost to better target this audience.

      Edit: Oh, and I definitely didn’t change the pack payouts to match =P they are now correct.

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