Tournament Leaders – 1/21/14

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Helloeveryone, we would be remiss if we did not mention the major SolForge event that reached its epic conclusion over the weekend – the Forgewatch Invitational. The pool play of the event cut to a Top 8 that played out on Saturday, featuring the following players:









The talk of the tournament was the “Thunderbots” deck, an Uterran/Alloyin strategy using Thundersaur and Arcflight Squadron alongside Weirwood Patriarch to create significant threats out of smaller creatures. When the dust cleared, however it was Bludex and his Nekrium/Tempys Grimgaunt deck that emerged victorious in a hard fought battle!

For an interview with the champion and more about his deck, head over here. And if you want to check out the archived live stream of the event, head over to the Forgewatch Twitch channel!

As for our tournament stats – this week we’re going to dig a little deeper and check out the Top 50 winners in the past week for both constructed and draft play!



196 TinMan Constructed
161 DarkRefreshment Constructed
161 wrapter Constructed
151 Pascal3000 Constructed
117 RedBeastMage Constructed
99 TinyGrimes Constructed
94 Reifste1 Constructed
93 captain78 Constructed
91 ojow Constructed
89 PEsh021 Constructed
88 avelak Constructed
88 pottymouthmonky Constructed
86 xyentist Constructed
86 zrandles Constructed
76 btenant Constructed
73 AdamTW Constructed
69 Mnpaladin Constructed
66 Archimago Constructed
66 Hope Constructed
64 tendollarbanana Constructed
64 Skrem Constructed
63 roy7 Constructed
62 Technonaut Constructed
61 SonataWolf Constructed
58 Carnivorous Constructed
58 Frumaniskivich Constructed
54 Stautmeister Constructed
53 ababyrabbit Constructed
52 lampy Constructed
50 Wash Constructed
49 imrahil327 Constructed
48 gavidt Constructed
47 ZiggerKz Constructed
45 Pethan Constructed
45 errorash Constructed
45 JockeD Constructed
45 rowdyrahz Constructed
44 MrBao Constructed
44 Nlim Constructed
42 Crexxose Constructed
40 lobster411 Constructed
40 SkillsAreImba Constructed
40 mfrost Constructed
39 Tomos Constructed
38 Table1 Constructed
38 kkd101 Constructed
37 jran74 Constructed
37 hans Constructed
36 Roby77 Constructed
35 RookXPY Constructed

This list includes a number of familiar faces.  TinMan showed up last week on our lifetime winner list in second place, and he’s apparently dead set on overtaking Technonaut as lifetime leader with all the winning he’s been doing! The third winningest player, wrapter, is none other than Magic: the Gathering Pro Tour Player of the Year Josh Utter-Leyton, whose skills in that arena have clearly translated well to SolForge. Featured Streamer and writer TinyGrimes also makes an appearance high on the list, demonstrating that he’s clearly a capable player in addition to deckbuilder and theorist.

We have to give special mention to Hope, who strung together a full half of his 66 wins in a row, topping the Longest Streak charts for the week with an incredible 11 consecutive undefeated constructed tournament finishes!


213 cam101 Draft
181 bannedtim Draft
155 mohio Draft
121 digitaljedi Draft
120 Pascal3000 Draft
106 TheDude Draft
105 becsquared Draft
103 Jiinn Draft
95 Phoenyx Draft
94 DaRealUluMulu Draft
87 b7zzy Draft
86 KillerKarma Draft
85 NirvanaTool Draft
83 Grgapm Draft
83 xcalibre Draft
81 bgdixie Draft
77 Zapgaze Draft
77 luckypanda Draft
77 berksterb Draft
76 Kelly Draft
76 zrandles Draft
75 Justice Draft
74 TisforTOOL Draft
74 DarthMustang Draft
73 psychojoe1014 Draft
72 Dysent Draft
70 AdamTW Draft
69 Klesse Draft
68 Porkchop Draft
67 Skrem Draft
64 Kokazer Draft
63 lyingdragon Draft
62 domminerteam Draft
61 Pion Draft
60 scruben Draft
59 gedofgont Draft
57 OmniDominance Draft
57 jacob717 Draft
56 krishnamurti Draft
55 Tsuioku Draft
54 Roby77 Draft
54 Lavaridge Draft
54 Otsis Draft
54 Ethernurst Draft
53 bluebird503 Draft
53 mschaub18 Draft
53 blisterguy Draft
53 joser Draft
52 Palustris Draft
52 hevonkusi Draft

This week’s biggest draft winners also looks familiar, with cam101 and bannedtim battling for the first and second place slots much like they were for the lifetime win list we saw last week. In fact, a mere eight wins separates them now in the lifetime chart, with bannedtim narrowly keeping his lead. Who will end up in the lead after next week?

Want to see your name on these lists in the future? Well, you know what to do – get in the tournaments and start winning!

Now let’s take a quick look at draft stats…


Alloyin General Rare 64%
Forge Guardian Beta Rare 58%
Shardplate Delver Rare 57%
Spring Dryad Rare 57%
Darkshaper Savant Rare 55%
Tarsus Deathweaver Rare 54%
Flameshaper Savant Rare 53%
Cypien Infiltrator Rare 53%
Lifeshaper Savant Rare 51%
Necroslime Rare 45%

SM020e-1The most popular rare card is Alloyin General, whose attack-boosting power is highly sought after to make favorable trades in battle. Next up is Forge Guardian Beta, probably more for its gigantic Level Three body than for its ability to aid in the summoning of Forge Guardian Omega. A pair of growing Uterra creatures come next, before combo-riffic Tarsus Deathweaver, the huge body of Cypien Infiltrator, and a trio of Savants, with only Steelshaper not finding its way onto the list. Last, but not least, is the ever-growing Necroslime, who has taught more than one opponent that failure to kill it right away is a certain road to death.

What do you think about this list? Are any of these rares overvalued? What do you think should be on top? Sound off in the comments!




  1. tendollarbanana

    These weekly stats posts are great, and if they got expanded on in the future (maybe player win %, total tournament wins, or constructed card frequencies) that would be very welcome!

  2. Error Ash

    Wooohooo I’m on the constructed list :) But I’d really like to see the tournament win streak list too, had 5 or 6 tournament wins in a row now, I hoped to appear there as well :)

  3. Raidrinn

    Love that these exist. Can’t wait till you guys have the time to have either constantly updating leaderboards or a public searchable DB for these stats.

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