Tournament Leaders 1/28/14

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DM232-3-colorHelloeveryone, and welcome to another look at the tournament stats! Before we get into the numbers, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows about the big changes that started this week. First of all, we’re currently running our huge Winter Sale, which cuts the gold prices of all items in our store by 50%! If you’ve been looking to pick up some event tickets to jump into the tournament queues, or wanting to get some packs to find the last few cards for your constructed decks, now is a great time to do it!

In addition to this limited-time sale, we’ve also made some longer term changes that are of particular interest to you, our tournament players. We’ve permanently reduced the Silver price of event tickets by 50%, and we’ve also altered the “First Online Win” daily reward to always award an event ticket! This should offer a nice cushion for the occasional bad draft, as well as allow more free-to-play users to participate in our tournaments.

Now on to the numbers! We pull our data each Thursday, which means these stats span from 1/16 to 1/23.


Constructed Pascal3000 43
Constructed Bonoknack 27
Constructed Criostasi 26
Constructed DarkRefreshment 23
Constructed zrandles 20
Constructed reverendmeat 18
Constructed JockeD 18
Constructed Technonaut 17
Constructed berksterb 17
Constructed captain78 15
Constructed samche999 15
Constructed Mnpaladin 14
Constructed wrapter 14
Constructed Reifste1 14
Constructed hans 14
Constructed mfrost 13
Constructed digitaljedi 13
Constructed SonataWolf 13
Constructed piquadore 13
Constructed CJRexius1992 12
Constructed TinyGrimes 12
Constructed MrBao 12
Constructed Table1 12
Constructed Wednesday 12
Constructed jmo101 12
Constructed Carnivorous 11
Constructed avelak 11
Constructed Tomos 11
Constructed Hope 11
Constructed theSnapiestBri 10
Constructed heroeskage 10
Constructed MeMsy 10
Constructed PEsh021 10
Constructed RedBeastMage 9
Constructed Skrem 8
Constructed Wash 8
Constructed Crowhisper 8
Constructed zwoeloem 7
Constructed xyentist 7
Constructed darksoulSP 7
Constructed lobster411 7
Constructed SkillsAreImba 7
Constructed Abraxas74 7
Constructed mlmcc1 7
Constructed imrahil327 6
Constructed TinMan 6
Constructed bluebird503 6
Constructed btenant 6
Constructed Raidrinn 6
Constructed Nitwad 6
Constructed Mathnut 6
Constructed Crexxose 6
Constructed XanderZ 6
Constructed bigoldfrog 6
Constructed agarnael 5
Constructed promentum 5
Constructed Bungwaffler 5
Constructed Vikthor 5
Constructed roy7 5
Constructed victaulic 5
Constructed Aureon 5
Constructed virgemonster 5
Constructed erroroperator 5
Constructed Ultima23 4
Constructed Pethan 4
Constructed gravityexpired 4
Constructed Lazla 4
Constructed raist 4
Constructed SolMeat 4
Constructed donnelly001 4
Constructed lhefriel 4
Constructed wingedweasel 4
Constructed epi1mike 4
Constructed Nlim 4
Constructed Melandra 3
Constructed ababyrabbit 3
Constructed Frumaniskivich 3
Constructed Vertigo 3
Constructed Skovstuta 3
Constructed RookXPY 3
Constructed JJJayb 3
Constructed Pelat 3
Constructed 1ndeed 3
Constructed chrisschreiber 3
Constructed Dweller 3
Constructed Thunderpig 3
Constructed Chazn2 3
Constructed AdamTW 3
Constructed kneelays 3
Constructed TomMc 3
Constructed Dida 3
Constructed Plottdog2315 3
Constructed pudgyasian 3
Constructed MiauPT 3
Constructed Incognitodies 3
Constructed scruben 3
Constructed Sunlandic 3
Constructed carlosm88 3
Constructed Alca 3
Constructed Oopsmurf 3
Constructed joelbartlett 3
Constructed xterminnator 3
Constructed eoj986 3
Constructed Aje8 3

These are the players who have been raking in the Premium Packs this week with their undefeated finishes.  Pascal3000 leads the pack with an incredible 43 unbeated Constructed tournament finishes, followed by Bonoknack, Criostasi, DarkRefreshment, and zrandles with 20+. If you’re looking to up your Constructed game, you might want to take a look at what those guys have been playing! Other familiar names are high on the list as well, like Technonaut, wrapter, hans, and Tinygrimes.



Draft cam101 47
Draft mohio 33
Draft becsquared 28
Draft rockndroll 23
Draft SonataWolf 19
Draft zrandles 19
Draft Justice 19
Draft bannedtim 18
Draft bluebird503 16
Draft Pascal3000 15
Draft TheDude 15
Draft xcalibre 15
Draft Steric 14
Draft digitaljedi 14
Draft Kelly 13
Draft piquadore 13
Draft JustVisiting03 13
Draft Pion 13
Draft Avignon 12
Draft Jonesy 12
Draft blisterguy 11
Draft domminerteam 11
Draft Doodle123 11
Draft ddoberne 11
Draft Kokazer 11
Draft AndyStatus 11
Draft Hooges 10
Draft Celerity 10
Draft gibborim 10
Draft Burgher 10
Draft NirvanaTool 10
Draft S16A29 10
Draft mooseoh 10
Draft Grgapm 10
Draft DaRealUluMulu 9
Draft Rayzie 9
Draft furyofthestorm 9
Draft danielc8 9
Draft Dmitriy 9
Draft Tsuioku 9
Draft Monolightning 8
Draft dero 8
Draft stillhadalldeez 8
Draft superhiro 8
Draft Tuesday 7
Draft xythe 7
Draft ghostxbear 7
Draft chadellis 7
Draft b7zzy 7
Draft lyingdragon 7
Draft Ambitious 7
Draft DanB 7
Draft Etarran 7
Draft Noetherian 7
Draft Isticle 7
Draft samgomersall 7
Draft Jamesstangeland 7
Draft tacomafunk 7
Draft simonster 7
Draft Ethernurst 6
Draft fcormier 6
Draft Phoenyx 6
Draft psychojoe1014 6
Draft AnIndividual 6
Draft jokingly 6
Draft Kidlet1490 6
Draft Snugglie13 6
Draft Wednesday 6
Draft avelak 6
Draft lomanski 6
Draft Tomos 6
Draft EyeronOxide37 6
Draft mcs08 6
Draft boca 6
Draft Skovstuta 6
Draft dudeenriquez 6
Draft FoshM 6
Draft qqQpp 6
Draft duselton 6
Draft ganelon 6
Draft dolly316 6
Draft Chifley 6
Draft mygoodname 6
Draft rxis 6
Draft Cenalan 5
Draft rambosleg 5
Draft Drelthanas 5
Draft ryanb1051 5
Draft Turkis 5
Draft minitibbles 5
Draft pottymouthmonky 5
Draft mschaub18 5
Draft ForgedSol 5
Draft garoka 5
Draft DarthMustang 5
Draft Yochie 5
Draft joser 5
Draft jhensley 5
Draft mnmike2002 5
Draft Porkchop 5
Draft buzzbuzz 5
Draft jelasher 5
Draft CaptainWalmart 5
Draft misterM4R 5
Draft Otsis 5
Draft ripple182 5
Draft samurai117 5
Draft saul22 5
Draft berksterb 5
Draft wamlandious 5
Draft shibs2833 5
Draft Rootbreaker 5
Draft Joat116 5

The draft list also has some familiar names.  cam101 has completed his quest to overtake bannedtim as the Lifetime win leader with nearly 1000 draft victories, in no small part due to his 47 undefeated drafts this week. bannedtim seems to have taken things a bit easy this week, but he’s still on our leaderbaord with 18 3-0 finishes, alongside some other familiar faces like Justice and Pascal3000.  zrandles is apparently a multi-format all-star, showing up near the top of both of our leaderboards in the same week.

It’ll be exciting to see what new faces break into our leaderboards over the next few weeks, as the Winter Sale and new event ticket changes bring fresh blood into the tournament queues!


Draft Battle Techtician Heroic 74.85%
Draft Weirwood Patriarch Heroic 74.10%
Draft Grimgaunt Predator Heroic 65.51%
Draft Epidemic Heroic 62.45%
Draft Scrapforge Titan Heroic 61.91%
Draft Ferocious Roar Heroic 59.63%
Draft Fleshfiend Heroic 54.44%
Draft Oreian Justicar Heroic 47.25%
Draft Xrath, Dreadnight of Varna Heroic 45.24%
Draft Frostwild Tracker Heroic 42.77%

Weirwoodpatriarch3We’ve seen a lot of “what would you pick?” post on Facebook and the forums with regards to initial Heroic packs – so here’s a look at what you did pick. The top ten most popular Heroic cards seem to match many of the “top pick” lists floating around, with Battle Techtician edging out Weirwood Patriarch for the top spot. Players certainly seem to value the ability to pump the attack value of their team!  A pair of global spells a trio of tough to stop creatures fill out the middle of the list, with Epidemic edging out Ferocious Roar and Grimgaunt Predator rising to the top against Scrapforge Titan and Fleshfiend. Tempys seems to be the odd faction out on this list – the highest finishing Heroic for them was Master of Elements at 13th.

What do you think about this week’s  leaders? How would you rank your favorite Heroic cards in draft?


  1. Gabo

    Can this be considered a clear indication that Tempy is weak in drafting, or are we just missing out on a particular Tempys strategy that levels the playing field?

  2. DaRealUluMulu

    I really like competition and I like to see these lists. But plz doublecheck the database for small bucks ;) I am sure I got my victories in constructed and not in draft this week ;). Anyway, please give us more statistics ;D

  3. Wednesday

    Tempys just doesn’t have any heroics that are anywhere close to the same quality that we see in the other factions. Even Master of Elements is just a glorified Fangwood Ravager in most cases, since drafters seldomly want a high enough spell count to trigger Master of Elements consistently. Seismic Adept receives my vote for best Tempys heroic, followed by Avalanche Invoker.

  4. nli10

    Thats a good point actually – what is the must grab Tempys Heroic? Firestorm? Firefist or Cinderfist maybe? They (like Master of Elements and Static Shock) require certain cards to be effective, and archetype drafting isn’t really possible yet in SF.

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