Tournament Leaders 2/6-2/13

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DM271-3 ColorHelloDrafters and Constructed masterminds alike, and welcome to another edition of our tournament stats. You may notice a difference in the title of this article compared to those of the past.That’s because it seems much more valuable to directly convey the period covered by these stats than the date they’re published on. You can probably figure that out on your own, and if you can’t, you’re clearly some kind of advanced cyborg capable of accessing the internet without either a computer or smartphone with a clock and you probably don’t care about such petty things as the passage of time anyway. All I know is that you’d probably fit in with the Alloyin.

In any case, I said last week that we’d be taking a look at the most undefeated records this time, so let’s jump right in. Who’s been raking in those Premium Packs?


Technonaut 32
captain78 23
TinMan 22
MeMsy 17
DarkRefreshment 16
Electrophile 16
Plottdog2315 16
andy10k 16
Dmitriy 15
Criostasi 14
Bonoknack 13
Torvion 12
Nlim 12
mfrost 11
gohan 11
wookiemike 11
gravityexpired 10
furyofthestorm 10
rxis 10
JockeD 10
BoshNRoll 10
berksterb 10
kaelari 10
jran74 9
semper222 8
ninjitsu37 8
Jaks 8
khaldrogo 8
oscarn 8
Abraxas74 8
alexalex 8
Pion 8
Turkis 7
Rayzie 7
rosenfloggen 7
reverendmeat 7
heroeskage 7
Kalgoblez 7
TinyGrimes 7
donderillo 7
hans 7
thePerferati 6
JJJayb 6
JakeAlmighty 6
cevn 6
Ultima23 6
Vikthor 6
kirksauce 6
rubbergold 6
FlexiLoL 6
Frodus 6
Kokazer 6
Otsis 6
Rampingshop 6
Nitwad 5
Chazn2 5
rambosleg 5
theSnapiestBri 5
Table1 5
cmustewart 5
tendollarbanana 5
Aeris130 5
jokingly 5
bluebird503 5
ruibarian 5
darksoulSP 5
HolyLlama 5
KFelt 5
dasein 5

We have a familiar name heading the Constructed undefeated list this week, with the return of Technonaut to the top of the rankings. Technonaut was the only player to boast over 30 3-0 finishes on the week, though captain78 and TinMan were not far behind, each ending the week up over 20 Premium packs for their trouble. Not a bad haul, by any means! DarkRefreshment is another name we’ve seen before who continues to put up strong results week in and week out, joined by MeMsy, Electrophile, Plottdog2315, andy10k and Dmitriy with 15+ undefeated finishes over the week.

If you’re looking to improve your results in the Constructed tournaments, be sure to take notes the next time you run into one of these folks! They clearly know what it takes to win!



cam101 30
becsquared 18
Draconis 16
Ethernurst 14
zanfada 14
mpoitras 14
mohio 14
Oddiz 13
SonataWolf 13
Justice 13
Jonesy 13
D1rtyG1rl 13
urlord 13
mattf 13
Sunlandic 13
chadellis 12
S16A29 12
wizen 11
Avignon 11
Steric 11
sfrog 10
voodoolounge 10
Esoteric 10
ryan23 10
Reifste1 10
Gozen 10
Zapgaze 10
b7zzy 10
jacob717 10
Voctor 10
hectares 9
Ultima23 9
samurai117 9
Skylined 9
AuraWarrior 9
svendj 9
EasyE41 9
anderc23 9
evilweevil666 9
domminerteam 9
Qernie 9
gavidt 9
avelak 9
khaldrogo 8
Kelly 8
rosenfloggen 8
Kidlet1490 8
nigel 8
zwoeloem 8
piato 8
PeterCHayward 8
allessan 8
krishnamurti 8
Telamoniades 8
showdere 7
cevn 7
Porkchop 7
rumhamjesus69 7
Cyhawk 7
armlx 7
Callisto24 7
lyingdragon 7
mark 7
DomCrap 7
Wessex 7
mcs08 7
Snoopy196 7
Arbit 7
Garrynych 7
theisland 7
Angelsong 7
rinski 6
Solblight 6
ibadaboo 6
MrHyde 6
kaelari 6
SirKoalaEscario 6
hoodedrehab 6
KD101 6
brianrange 6
Turkis 6
gedofgont 6
Czechos 6
frotes 6
Azureburn 6
digitaljedi 6
piquadore 6
onemancrowd 6
wigglewolf 6
ddoberne 6
HPfortheTD 6
pswarowski 6
RPrajzner 6
hideoushog 6
thegandork 6
WHJester 6
Greyfox 6
Rarak 5
bgdixie 5
poff 5
Mappo 5
Lock 5
311chaos 5
beau 5
Swanky 5
kbs666 5
jtyauck 5
xcalibre 5
NirvanaTool 5
Frodus 5
ryanb1051 5
r4ging8ull 5
Yochie 5
Klesse 5
ForgedSol 5
yiannisph 5
dolly316 5
wesleyc 5
Qbert 5
soulwarrior 5
Noetherian 5
dero 5
moxjet 5
rayvich 5
seraphimscall 5
Dapuma 5
luckypanda 5
petit 5
TheSighGuy 5
Isticle 5
valorale 5
Poseidon312 5
Etarran 5
Sandesto 5
TinMan 5
rambosleg 5
Chew 5
blinvisible 5
hoborobo 5
Bloodpyre 5
raist 5
stillhadalldeez 5
DgnT 5
unlikely 5
Nocuras 5
donderillo 5
Xtof 5

Speaking of familiar faces, we once again see cam101 on top of the draft leader board, this time by a healthy margin. cam101 put up a full 30 undefeated draft finishes this past week, while the next highest – becsquared – came in at 18. To put things in perspective a bit more, cam101 has over 1500 lifetime draft wins, while no one else has over 1000! He’s clearly been drafting like a man possessed, and it’s been paying off for him, as he pocketed another 30 Premium packs for his trouble this past week.

But cam101 isn’t the only repeat name up here. We’ve seen Draconis, mohio, SonataWolf, Justice, and Jonesy before as well – none of them are strangers to seeing their names near the top of our leaderboards. Want to see your name up here? Jump in the draft queues! Looking for some tips on how to draft that 3-0 deck? Be sure to check out our featured streamers each week! You can always see who’s live and playing SolForge here.

And now for your regularly scheduled look at the draft numbers:


Stonefist Giant 62%
Matrix Warden 60%
Magma Hound 60%
Ionic Warcharger 60%
Forgeplate Sentry 56%
Swampmoss Lurker 52%
Grove Huntress 51%
Graveborn Glutton 49%
Brighttusk Sower 49%
Nargath Bruiser 48%

SE012b-3eThe last time we took a look at this category was the very first look at our tournament stats, and my how times have changed. That week, Stonefirst Giant was at the top of a very different list – for the biggest rise in popularity – but now Mr. Rock Solid sits atop the list of the most popular common cards of them all. Matrix Warden is another big winner, rising a full 12% in popularity since Week 1, and overtaking onetime leader Magma Hound, which has itself grown in popularity against the field as a whole. Ionic Warcharger has come out of nowhere to take the fourth spot, which doesn’t surprise those of us behind the curtain all that much, since it’s the card that appears the most frequently in undefeated draft decks! Forgeplate Sentry, Swampmoss Lurker, and Grove Huntress have long been favorites, but Brighttusk Sower and Nargath Bruiser are newcomers to the Top 10 list.

What do you think about these rankings? Are any of these cards overrated? Are there any cards that you’re surprised aren’t on this list?


  1. KestralB

    I’d like to see a Queue Wins and Total Queues format, or perhaps Queue Wins and Win Ratio (% of games won in queue, total).
    This seems like more a measure of who spent the most time this week than who are really the top players. Though of course they are expected to strongly correlate.

  2. Hyperwolf

    Hey I’ve played some of the names on that draft list, which probably explains why I’m usually 2-1 and almost never 3-0. Damnit! LOL

    I tend to disagree on Glutton being useless. The fact that trades with him cost your opponent no matter what takes its toll in drawn out games.

    As for GM vs BS, I feel they are both great cards. Maybe I’m just lucky but the number of times BS child has saved me from taking a ton of damage with a lane block, makes me really like it.

  3. Serraph

    @Jonesy I was like you in the past, picking Matriarh over Sower, but from time to time draft decks become more and more aggressive and Sower save me in more situation than Matriarh. The Board advantage of getting the token immediately instead of after dying overweigths the extra toughness, in my humble opinion. Adding that the Sower is actually more synergistic with other Uterra cards, I would say Sower over Matriarh.

    1. Jonesy

      I disagree that draft is more aggressive. Matriarch and sower have equal synnergy with uterra strats, they both create two bodies, they just do it in different ways. That extra point of health turns many trades into wins, matriarch has one of the highest head to head win percentages. When underleveled chump blocking one lane twice, taking 0 damage until next turn is more useful than chump blocking two adjacent lanes once.

  4. Jonesy

    I’d say glutton’s stats are inflated because it shows up in packs with other nekrium cards and the nekrium commons are atrocious. If glutton was in any other faction it wouldn’t be on this list. I think brighttusk sower is overrated, grove matriarch is far better, that one extra toughness makes a big difference and more than makes up for the slightly worse synnergy with both dryads, roar, and strength in numbers imo.

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