Tournament Leaders – 5/28

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tarsianpactHelloand welcome to another edition of the tournament stats! This week, we’re going to look at our usual win leaders, as well as take a peek at the most popular cards in draft. So without further ado – let’s get to it!



Technonaut 148
cisforcookie 128
S1AL 107
Electrophile 106
jaunejohn 100
Kleematisse 94
Tetrarain 89
rumhamjesus69 82
Wheatley505 77
Froggen 73
captain78 72
Decurion 66
Callisto24 66
GodofPancakes 64
nolagold 62
Curbob 59
Czechos 54
allessan 52
tostadas 49
leto 49
GenericGelatin 49
brianrange 49
Knoshua 48
Seven 46
choadochio 46
darksoulSP 46
soccer11222 45
Calyna 45
Burtletoy 44
MeMsy 43
lhefriel 43
DBatterskull 42
Pabright1 40
havoc368 40
Crowhisper 40
Syxx489 39
cmustewart 39
eidolon 39
ddoberne 39
thesidestepkids 38
thecommodore 38
jcj7 38
Turboschnuffel 37
JJJayb 37
HoLzBeRd 37
LaxusFTW 36
Pion 36
Motorhead 36
Leatherface 36
Icastcats 36
chris80rowland 36
feff 35
Llauron 34
iClipse 34
xyentist 33
Zastoparikus 32
Turkis 32
Mathnut 32
Likeaboss 32
eoj986 32
panda2222 31
FlexiLoL 31
Zaou 30
thebiad 30
the24thour 30
Criostasi 30
wingedweasel 29
wfro 29
steviegets 29
MistMage 29
Stautmeister 28
unNamed1 28
Rampingshop 28
Diethel 28
Cokin 28
Mablungen 27
SmokeyAmoeba 27
Laguna 27
Cowtipper 27
mistervwp 26
mormagli 26
kirksauce 26
Hooges 26
hans 26
Sneekygit 25
SleepThieff 25
Mappo 25
evilweevil666 25
dehboy 25
Skylined 24
hotbowlerchic 24
GMan 24
articsoda 24
yiannisph 23
BarrettXX 23
wigglewolf 23
ziquallx 23
sfrog 23
emikaela 23

The constructed chart has some familiar faces at the top, with Technonaut and cisforcookie making their regular appearances on the leaderboard, with S1AL, Electrophile, and jaunejohn just behind.



musta 198
Seyfert 186
valpok 131
Rayzie 85
facial 84
Bearclaws 82
digitaljedi 81
SolMate 79
piquadore 79
Muxi 77
Mechanisms 75
Falaris 70
MPoitrasFTP2 70
SilverPelt 68
spikeching 68
Calavera 67
w1h2s3 65
Taresivon 64
gbrochill 62
Munky820 62
Likeaboss 62
Twanbon 60
Arzakon 60
econatog 59
HoLzBeRd 58
Hope 58
clarencey 58
Lilith 57
CJRexius1992 57
TheSmasher 55
Linker5 55
StoneColdBaller 54
lysander 54
gordoncww 54
realiudex 52
Lomanski 52
Yochie 51
Muskratio 50
MDBurns 48
mjwdoran 48
Speakdog 47
milroy42 47
Faure 47
darthfatty 47
Uglook 46
sfrog 45
Noetherian 45
m0rphl1ng 45
mrboydy 44
Kaales 44
BabyBaal 44
WHJester 43
utherdoul 43
Toffel 43
JesterHead 43
Korri 43
starwarer 42
OmensOfRuin 42
KamiKahz 42
joser 42
Wheatley505 41
Tsuioku 41
rumhamjesus69 41
Griffindunks 41
sardna 40
onrockandore 39
xsaix 38
tingo 38
erroroperator 38
Solblight 37
krishnamurti 37
Kelly 37
beatleian 37
3/2/2014 36
san822 36
Skovstuta 36
securitronch 36
kaydenjake 36
daspflug 36
Dacallright 35
Turboschnuffel 35
Frogglenn 35
chadellis 35
cowsgomu 35
NormalFTP 34
TradeKing 34
TheManJack 34
slam 34
Rofellos88 34
jwaters24 34
Kolmogorov 34
FlexiLoL 34
dsk5220 33
xkaim 33
Varthon 33
TaZi 33
SilverFolken 33
Shdwrptr 33
NirvanaTool 33
capep 33

musta tops the draft charts this week with nearly 200 wins, a pretty incredible feat, due in no small part to his twenty-one undefeated finishes on the week – over twice as many 4-0′s as anyone else on the draft charts. Seyfert is not far behind at 186 wins, with valpok the remaining player in triple digits with 131 wins on the week.

How were they getting those impressive records? Well, probably by taking some of these cards…



Matrix Warden 65%
Ionic Warcharger 55%
Magma Hound 55%
Forgeplate Sentry 54%
Uterradon Mauler 52%
Swampmoss Lurker 51%
Graveborn Glutton 49%
Grove Huntress 49%
Stonefist Giant 49%
Gloomfiend 48%
Corpulent Shambler 48%
Nexus Pilot 48%
Xithian Rotfiend 47%
Nyrali Symbiote 45%
Technosmith 45%
Brighttusk Sower 45%
Skyknight Glider 43%
Grove Matriarch 43%
Nargath Bruiser 42%
Aetherforge Oracle 40%

Matrix Warden has become an almost permanent fixture on the top common list, with a pick ratio over 10% higher than anything else, which is almost as big a gap as separates the rest of the cards on the list. It looks like many players are still sticking to what they learned in the early days of draft, as most of the cards on the list are still from the first set, though Nyrali Symbiote and Aetherforge Oracle have already made their way into the list of most popular commons after just a few weeks.

What do you think? Are these the best commons out there?


  1. Technonaut

    Win percentage is a cool stat to have. Although at end of day, it doesn’t matter much to me what my win percentage is, since I like to play the game and use a plethora of decks in the queues to test their viability.
    That being said I can definitely see having a win percentage can hinder the amount of solforge many players play as well as what decks they would use. If there were any sort of rewards or benefits to a win percentage, like invites to a pro tourney or something then this problem would even be more noticeable.
    Win percentages can penalize players from playing the game they enjoy, in order to be more competitive. My opinion is that I don’t think solforge needs a win percentage( at least every week) or a elo based system to be a great game. At the moment if your interested in an elo type system, there is the unofficial solforge Ladder that resets at the beginning of every month.

    1. spikeching

      i went .875 once, then got greedy and dropped to .750, then last weeks cutoff for win rate was 78%…ARGH…

      well at least im in the top 15 this week in games won…i dont see that ill play that many games this week, so i dont expect to see myself in the next edition hehe

      i dunno how other people do it… i literally spent ALL my free time this weekend playing, and only have 68 wins…man…how do people get to triple digits???haha

      1. musta

        as someone who has been in the top 10 of draftwins since I started playing, let me tell you: its mostly about running away from life! It is a bit disturbing to me, that apparently nobody else in the world wastes as much time drafting sol Forge as i do, especially since I should be preparing for Magic tournaments, to finally have some success there…

        @whoever writes this: Im a girl ;-)

        @winpercentages: im also inclined to say, that its a bit problematic to publish them, though i would love to have a record of them. Im “infinite” through drafting, but thats including selling cards, since keeping up a better than 75% winpercentage is INCREDIBLY hard, if you want to draft drunk at night, which i very much do. I actually thought about stopping after my first 5 or so drafts this week, because having a win percentage of 100% (or very close to it) would have been so cool, before realizing how crazy that would be. Besides knowing, that im not that bad and that winpercentage for the week is not as important as having fun, it is really humiliating for me to see that list and not be in it :/ im sure, i cant be the only person feeling like this.

  2. kjax

    I wonder why they decided not to include the win percentage leaderboards, it was the best part of these posts to me, and a feature I’d like to see included in the actual game some day.

  3. Gabo

    I got a 4x 4-0 streak this time around and decided to leave it at 22 won games hoping to see a win percentage leadeboard. Unfortunately, it was not to be my time to shine :(

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