Tournament Leaders 8/10 – 8/17

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Congratulations to the players at the top! I know making this board isn’t going to be easy, so seeing some of the same names like Baybaal and DraftSilver must be a satisfying accomplishment. Also, a huge shout out to A1GrimlockBot for remaining as #1 for the second straight week!

Starting 11:59am (PST) Thursday, August 20 and running until 11:59pm (PST) August 23 the Weekend Warrior will be Forgemaster Constructed.

Starting 11:59am (PST) Thursday, August 27 and running until 11:59pm (PST) August 30 the Weekend Warrior will be Mono Faction Draft.

Constructed(Most match wins this week)v2

Lomanski1 83
Monolightning 83
Electrophile 69

Constructed(highest win percentages this week)v2

A1GrimlockBot 87.50%
mark 83.33%
Arzakon 80.77%

Draft(Most match wins this week)v2

Cadaver83 117
Upshot 87
ClawViper 82

Draft(highest win percentages this week)v2

Kadras 81.25%
Crawler 76.47%
BabyBaal 75.00%


QuaZi 158
leogzz 101
DraftSilver 101


FierceDeity 91.67%
Gabo 83.33%
Anarchavist 79.17%


  1. KonanTheBarbar

    I’m also one of the players that really dislike that only the top3 players are shown. I also don’t get why it was changed in the first place and what the justification for that really was…

  2. Nickelleon

    Thanks for posting the weekend warrior announcement in the leaderboard report. The 2 pieces of information seem disconnected, but its better than when you werent announcing the weekend warriors! I’m looking forward to calendar updates with the weekend warrior announcements in the future.

    I’m still disappointed the lists were reduced to 3 players, and I dont understand the justification. If its an issue with space, you can make add a maximum height to each leaderboard and enable scrolling. If its an issue with prestige, you could make the top 3 more visible (by NOT removing the other rank positions). If its an issue with trying to make this less usable and appreciated, well, a winner is you.

  3. Lomanski1

    @benny: would it be possible to share some insights as to the reason for the change?!
    A lot of players disliked the change, including me, but is unclear to me why it changed in the first place, is it difficult to create the longer list?
    Also if top 3 remains, is it an idea to at least include the % for the top most wins and games played for the top %? I think that could be interesting to see

    Thanks in advance

  4. DraftSilver

    I really like Solforge. Maybe i dont top in next week because Solforge is so lag to mee since yesterday. I really want to play Elite Constructed tomorrow. But if anyone help me i will play. My dream is next year Stream for 24 hours. Why not back to post the Weekend Warriors in calendar? I really want the No Card Limit Constructed back (i want try a deck using 15 Ice Grasp).

  5. DraftSilver

    I am really happy now. Top in constructed, in Weekend Warrior, now i must top in Draft, but i dont like the actual card pool, but maybe in Set 7 i TOP. I will start stream in october. Mono faction Draft with all card pool is one of the best formats. One day i will make more than 1000 wins in a Weekend Warrior. One day. This year i dont play in Solforge World Championship, but i will try next year.

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