Tournament Leaders 8/17 – 8/24

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Congratulations to the players at the top! Once again, Babybaal asserts his dominance, keep it up!

Starting 11:59am (PST) Thursday, August 27 and running until 11:59pm (PST) August 30 the Weekend Warrior will be Mono Faction Draft.

Starting 11:59am (PST) Thursday, September 3 and running until 11:59pm (PST) September 6 the Weekend Warrior will be an all new format Precon Battle.

Constructed(Most match wins this week)v2

sfrog 106
DailyLogin 88
piquadore 84

Constructed(highest win percentages this week)v2

A1Scrubbot 80.95%
Lomanski1 79.41%
TheAceAcosta 75.00%

Draft(Most match wins this week)v2

QuaZi 78
scruben 74
Cadaver83 68

Draft(highest win percentages this week)v2

BabyBaal 86.54%
Crono2 75.00%
CyberEndDragon 75.00%


arcticninja 110
jaceb 65
LordJulius 61


Morimori 85.71%
Kitsun 83.82%
NakaCristo 82.14%


  1. DraftSilver

    I dont play so much last week, but i will try to make TOP 3 in the next. I think the next TOP Weekend Warrior will get a record of players because i playing alot and all times are fast to get an opponent. The next Weekend Warrior is like the phantom events from UT and AN Decks?

  2. Drake

    I haven’t seen any positive response to the new Top 3 only. Its been a few weeks now, and I am wondering why it hasn’t been changed to Top 20 or at least Top 10.

  3. Nickelleon

    Thanks for posting the weekend warrior announcement in the leaderboard report. These 2 pieces of information seem disconnected, but its better than when SBE wasn’t announcing the weekend warriors! I’m looking forward to calendar updates with the weekend warrior announcements in the future!

    1. bennybeatdowns Post author

      You’re welcome. This is where you find tournament information for the past and future. Keep tuning in if you want to see this information! :-)

  4. diablo

    I’d really like to see draft broken up into casual and expert, especially now that you only show the top 3 for each category. The skill level required to do well in expert is so much higher than for casual.

  5. A1GrimlockBot

    Can you check your records again? I was at 88% for constructed for the 3rd straight week with over 21 wins during the posted time. Grimlock strong…

    1. bennybeatdowns Post author

      Tournament data is taken from 8am Monday to 8am the following Monday. I don’t have you as having over 88% during that time, but if you played outside of that window, then that would be the reason. Good job for the 3rd straight week, though. You are killing it!

      1. A1GrimlockBot

        Oh that makes more sense. I record matches from the time right after the previous leaderboards are posted. It kinda is disappointing to have matches right after the leaderboards are posted not count. Could you guys do it from the time after the leaderboards are posted? It’s hard enough to try to get onto them now to not know when certain matches don’t count. Thanks!

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