Tournament Updates Coming with Rise of the Forgeborn

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SF2_t152(3)_LCVHeyeveryone. I hope you’re enjoying the previews from Rise of the Forgeborn we have been sharing over the past week or so, both here on and on social media and fan sites. Be sure to check out our preview gallery on our Facebook page to make sure you haven’t missed anything, and keep an eye on our Twitter feed to hear about most previews as they go live!

Today I want to talk about some of the changes that we’re making to our tournaments along with our next release. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback from players about a number of the different elements of our system, and we’ve made adjustments based on that feedback.

One of the changes we have made to our tournaments with the next update is increasing the number of rounds from three to four. Figuring out the right number of rounds to run in our tournaments is a tricky task, because there are a number of competing goals. We want players to feel like they’re getting good entertainment value from the events, but we don’t want them to be so long that they take forever to finish and feel more like grinding than fun.

Initially, we launched with three rounds because we felt like it provided players with a good amount of gameplay without making the experience too long. A full draft taking between one and two hours, depending on pace of play, seemed like a good target.  In particular, we felt like offering players the ability to draft again more frequently and have a greater variety of gameplay experiences seemed more fun than playing the same deck over a longer period.

Since then, however, we have realized that adding a fourth round does a lot of good. We have heard from some of our newer players that they’d prefer to play more rounds because it gives them a better chance to get a sense of what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Giving players who don’t compete in tournaments frequently more gameplay for their ticket entry gives them more chances to learn and improve, which we hope will lead to them feeling more comfortable, and potentially turning them into regular tournament players.

Adding an additional round also allows us to shift the prize payouts in such a way that players feel better rewarded when they have a winning record. With only three rounds, the typical distribution of records among eight tournament entries is one player with no wins, three players with one win, three players with two wins, and one player with three wins. This means that fully half of the tournament has a winning record. We simply can’t offer the prize support to half of the tournament that many players feel like they ought to receive, especially in draft where players are also receiving all of the cards they drafted.

Adding an extra round means that the percentage of winning records in the field decreases. Instead of half of the field having more wins than losses, we instead have four players with three wins and one loss and one player at four wins and no losses after four rounds. We can offer better rewards to winning records when they make up only one third of the potential records in the field than one half.

Additionally, one of the big pieces of feedback we have gotten from players is that they feel like a single loss in a tournament is a huge blow, because their prizes drop from a Premium Pack and more than enough tickets to play again to a Normal Pack and fewer tickets than their entry fee. This new model means that suffering a single loss has less of an impact on your overall rewards, because the difference in reward payouts is less steep.

On top of the change to tournament round structure, we have also moved away from using our standard packs as prizes. SolForge is a digital game, so there’s really no reason we ought to be tied to giving out packs you can buy in the store. We made this change because it gave us much better control over the levels of reward we are able to offer for each record. As I just mentioned, we didn’t like how big of a drop-off it was between the Premium Pack reward at three wins to the Normal Pack reward at two wins in our old model. Now you’ll win custom prize packs based on your record, which allows us much more granularity in terms of how much prizing we’re giving out at each record.

Here’s what our new payouts look like:


# of Wins Tickets Awarded Cards Awarded Prize Pack Contents (All packs contain six cards)
4 Wins 10 Platinum Prize Packplatinum_little Guaranteed at least one Legendary and at least one card of Heroic or higher rarity.
3 Wins 7 Gold Prize Packgold_little Guaranteed at least two cards of Heroic or higher rarity, and significantly increased chance of Legendary
2 Wins 3 Silver Prize Packsilver_little Guaranteed at least one card of Heroic or higher rarity, increased chance of Legendary
1 Win 1 Bronze Prize Packbronze_little Guaranteed at least two cards of Rare or higher rarity.
0 Wins 0 Booster Packbooster_v3_little At least one card of Rare or higher rarity



# of Wins Tickets Awarded Cards Awarded Prize Pack Contents (All packs contain six cards)
4 Wins 4 Platinum Prize Packplatinum_little Guaranteed at least one Legendary and at least one card of Heroic or higher rarity.
3 Wins 3 Gold Prize Packgold_little Guaranteed at least two cards of Heroic or higher rarity, and significantly increased chance of Legendary
2 Wins 2 Silver Prize Packsilver_little Guaranteed at least one card of Heroic or higher rarity, increased chance of Legendary
1 Win 1 Bronze Prize Packbronze_little Guaranteed at least two cards of Rare or higher rarity.
0 Wins 0 Booster Packbooster_v3_little At least one card of Rare or higher rarity

Prize packs will be able to contain any cards that we have released so far, including those from Rise of the Forgeborn. Drafts themselves will also contain a mix of cards from both sets. We’ve received requests from some players to run Rise of the Forgeborn-only drafts, but we feel very strongly that drafting with the larger card pool is much more fun, and we don’t want to offer an experience that we know to be inferior.

We look forward to launching this new system, and welcome your feedback. As always, we’re working to make SolForge the best game it can be, and will continue to make modifications to our gameplay systems in order to do so.

And what would a preview-week article be without a preview? Without further ado (and without comment), I leave you with this hot new card:

Uranti Warleader


  1. AvatarOfErebos

    Agreed. 3 tickets for 2-2 is way too low. The states purpose of the change was to make losing a single game feel like less of a blow, but adding an extra match adds an extra chance to fail as well. Making the new 2-2 be the same ticket reward as 1-2 in the old system is incredibly punishing; the old system was much better paced except for the big spike for X-0. A better way to do it would have been 3, 5, 7, 9. That makes sense as a pattern (increases by 2 each time), and is not prohibitively punishing.

  2. KestralB

    I’m happy to hear about these changes to tournaments. I agree with the idea of letting people choose between a prize pack and an extra ticket or two. Have to run some math on how that would work out…

  3. yra000001

    draft 2-2, 3 tickets and 1-3 1ticket is too low.May be more tickets , but no card for them? To let em more drafts to learn how to play.
    And how about let player choose tickets or packs?

    1. ChadO

      Yup, i think giving the players a chance to pick their reward would be ok.
      More tickets will allow new players to enjoy more drafts and learn how to draft and play properly.

      say 2 wins either pick:
      a. 2 tickets+prize pack or
      b. 3 tickets

      1. when new expansions come out, will certain sets be rotated out of the draft pool, since the draft pool will be too big and people will probably not want to get old cards they have lots of already.
      2. Can draft pools be limited to a maximum of 2 sets?
      3. Will there be limited drafts for just one set as promo for a new set?
      4. Will there be tournament seasons that will allow players to play for prizes on a limited time period? That would probably get everyone excited.

  4. mechler

    2-2 becoming the same as today’s 1-2 does feel a bit hard to swallow. If EV were to remain the same, the 2-2 draft should pay 4 tickets. That would be 112 tickets in and 66 tickets out (0.58928571… expected ticket paid out for ticket paid in). Current EV is 56 tickets in and 33 tickets out (0.58928571… the same as if the new structure gave 4 tickets for 2-2).

    Earning another draft is difficult to get a sense for without having the forge and being able to turn silver into tickets (albeit at an alarmingly slow rate). My latest draft, for example, would’ve earned me 11,015 silver if I’d sold all the cards. That’s a little over half a ticket (20,000) which feels startlingly low. That is definitely a lower than normal because of the rarities of the cards I choose (another recent — more normal imo — sample gives 14,690). Still, it feels like *nothing* if I just get back 3 tickets and a pack. The pack is worth something in the neighborhood of 4000 silver?

    It feels like the treadmill speed might’ve just gone up a notch.

  5. Crim

    Unhappy about the new structure. I don’t enjoy draft but do it to get legendarys. It’s such a bother to have to que and surrender each game before moving on as it is. Perhaps if we had a “drop out of tournament” option that just gave us our rewards as if we had no further wins.

  6. Badmoonz

    Seems like a pretty big hit to the new guy across the board. Not a single change seems like an improvement in quality of life or cost to prize ratio.

  7. ChadO

    Speaking as an avid draft player, I would love to have a RotF only draft. It would be harder to collate RotF cards for those who prefer the draft system. A larger draft pool for casual constructed players, like me, might not be too enticing.
    Can you run a RotF only draft during the initial week release then go to the large draft pool?
    This would be a good release event for new and old players to have a weekend dedicate to drafting the new set.

  8. agarnael

    Let’s see how often will people be able to play a tourney.
    With the new system 25% of people willb e able to go infinite in theory. In the old system that percentage was 12.5.
    50% of people should have neutral record
    Here there is a big difference between draft and constructed. Two 2-2 records allow you to play another constructed(and have a ticket left over), two 2-2 draft finishes however leave you a ticket short from a third draft. So if you are F2P you get 30 free tickets a month from dailies which will get you 28 tournaments if you maintain 50% win rate. And youa re left over with two tickets at the end so I assume when you add silver rewards and crafting excess cards into tickets a F2P player that maintains a 50% win rate will be able to play one constructed tournament per day. For those of us that put money in the game if you want to play more then one tournament per day it will be $20 for 30 more tournaments.
    Draft F2P players with 50% win record get varying results depending on their win distribution. If a player has all 2-2 finishes(worst distribution) they will have 7 free drafts each month. Paid players that have 50% win record and draft once per day will have to pay close to $60/month for the privilege.
    Then finally I want to mention the people with 1-3 records in constructed. Again at $20/month with this record you can still play one constructed tournament per day.
    1-3 records in draft you still get 5 free drafts per month.

    To recap the above. The new numbers are really great. Draft is way-way more expensive then constructed.

  9. SilverTail

    is it meant to be only 3 tickets for 2-2? it would seem prom the pattern it would be 4. if its only 3 thats the same as a 1-2 now….. besides that this looks great.

    1. fenomen

      Yeah, having it 3tix for 2-2 makes tournament payouts 60tix per 16 players compared to 66tix now. While having 4tix for 2-2 will make payouts identical. And yes, many of us just ignoring value of prize packs as it is really hard to measure without secondary market present.

      For percentage geeks: The one will get benefits from new draft prize system if his/her win percentage is higher than 61.8% Otherwise he will lose.

  10. LordMagnus

    I have mixed feelings about this announcement. I’m pleased about the move to 4-round tournaments and the ticket payout structure. Sort of bummed about the change to pack payout… I like the idea behind custom packs, but I was sort of hoping for a choice between Rise of the Forgeborn only or Set 1 only instead of a mixed bag being forced on us. Guess that would be too much to code, though. Also disappointed about all custom packs being 6 cards and only getting 1 Heroic out of a Platinum. Maybe if you got 2 Heroics I’d feel better.

    Like the preview. Yeti tribal, woo! Not level gated, just damage scaling… which I enjoy. Even 3 damage to an opposing creature could finish off something previously wounded, turn a negative trade into an even one, or gain a positive trade on what would’ve been a 2-battle even trade.

    1. Voctor

      Overall bleed rates are actually higher than they were, by a noticeable margin. Your tickets are actually going to go faster under this system unless you have a very high win rate, at which point you would have been infinite or close to it under the old system anyway. This is terrible news.

      1. CerebralPaladin

        Bleed rate is lower for constructed queues–it’s going from an average loss of 11/8 tickets per constructed tournament to an average loss of 1 ticket per constructed tournament.

        At a guess, the draft rake is being increased because people will be able to forge cards (especially heroics) into silver for more drafts. The average ticket loss is going up by .375 tickets per player (to 3.25). At the new ticket price, the increase is about 3.16 heroic cards worth of silver. So if you forge some or all of the heroic cards you draft (and heroic cards in the prize packs), you’ll make back some of that difference.

        I’m not thrilled by the draft payouts by any stretch of the imagination. In particular, I’d be lots happier if 2-2 paid 4 tickets (at which point the rake would be the same as it currently is). But I think it’s important to think about it from the perspective of all of the gains and all of the costs, and the addition of forging significantly decreases the effective cost of drafting.

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