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Hello SolForge fans! We are in the process of testing a major update for SolForge that will add a bunch of new major features and we wanted to let you know what’s coming. We were hoping to have it ready to go by now, but unfortunately we hit some snags that have pushed it back until later this month. It will be worth the wait, though, since this update includes a whole lot of awesomeness that will give every SolForge fan all kinds of new things to do. Let’s take a look at what those include, shall we?

The biggest new feature going live with the new update is Tournament play, including Draft mode. Tournaments give players an opportunity to compete against other players for a chance to win prizes.

Tournaments in SolForge work a bit differently than tournaments in most other digital collectible games. Rather than force players to set aside a big block of time to play in an event and force them to wait for other players to finish their rounds, we created the tournament structure in SolForge to mesh with the mobile friendly philosophy of the game. In a SolForge tournament, you can play your games whenever is convenient for you.

Rather than “sit-and-go” style events, SolForge tournaments are like mini ongoing leagues in which players are paired against someone else with a similar record to themselves whenever they decide to play a tournament game. You can sign up for a tournament and play your first round during breakfast, your second at lunch, and your third round at dinner, or even next week. Once you finish playing your rounds, you’ll receive prizes based on your final record.

Ultimately, our goal with tournaments is to provide an opportunity for players who want to find a bit more competition and a chance to prove that they’re among the best –and win prizes in the process! Check out the tournament screen – coming soon to a SolForge near you!

Coming along with the tournament system is the SolForge Draft mode. Draft is a kind of tournament in which you don’t play one of your own decks. Instead, you pick cards from random selections and build a whole new deck as you go, and then use that deck to play your rounds against other players who did the same thing. If you’re an experienced CCG player, you know how awesome drafting can be, and if you’re new to this kind of game – well, you’re about to find out!

Much like our tournament system in general, our drafts are a bit different from traditional CCG drafting. Drafts in SolForge are a solo experience that you can take at your own pace. There’s no need to wait for other people to draft with you, no waiting on anyone else to make their picks, nor any timer counting down as you try to make your own decisions.

In SolForge draft, you pick cards out of random selections that diminish and replenish as you go. You’ll pick a card first from a group of six, then five cards, then four, then three, then two, before returning to six and starting again. You’ll keep doing this until you have thirty total cards, at which point you’re ready to start playing. The first six card pack you see is guaranteed to contain six cards of at least Heroic rarity, and you keep all of the cards that you pick, so not only is draft a lot of fun, but it’s a great way to build up your collection as you play!

Being an entirely digital game allows us to do some pretty cool things with SolForge draft. First of all, there’s the obvious fact that you can draft without waiting for anyone else because the game can generate your cards for you. We can also ensure that you can always end up with the right faction cards to build a legal deck. At the start of the draft, you’ll be able to see cards from all four of the factions, but as the draft progresses and you select cards from two separate factions, you’ll only see cards from those factions for the remainder of the draft. Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that despite draft in SolForge being an individual endeavor, your experience is shaped by your fellow players and vice versa. We’ve implemented an algorithm that keeps track of the cards players choose to take out of each pack, and the diminishing packs are in fact built by generating full six card packs and removing cards based on the wisdom of the crowds. That means that if you can find uses for cards that other players aren’t picking, you can take advantage of that and pick those cards up much later in your drafts!

We’ve been playing the draft format in-house for a while now and having an absolute blast with it. We’re incredibly excited for the rest of the world to get a chance to play. Here’s a glimpse at what things look like in the draft screen:

Another advantage of the digital nature of SolForge is the fact that we aren’t beholden to the printing schedules of traditional CCGs. We have the ability to add new content in small batches without having to worry about firing up a printing press and putting out some whole huge new set. The next update will include 24 all new cards to add to your SolForge decks. Each of the four factions will be getting two new Common cards, two new Rare cards, one new Heroic card, and one new Legendary card. These cards will be available in packs or via your daily rewards once the update goes live.

Here’s a first look at one of the cards – and a real mean one, at that.

We’re also updating a number of existing cards, making some things stronger and toning some others down a bit.

Check out the new Palladium Pulsemage, who can do a whole lot more pulsing!

Between the new cards and the changes to cards already out there, the next patch is going to bring quite a few things that will shake things up in the world of SolForge!

Check this out:

That’s right – SolForge is coming to iPhone! We’re very nearly done with everything we need to complete to get SolForge ready to run on iPhone, and we’re hoping to have it ready for this coming update. Our original vision for SolForge was that it would be a mobile game that you could take with you everywhere you go, and that time is finally close. We’d be lying if we told you we hadn’t done at least a draft or two from the bathroom already…

Android users, don’t despair – we’re hard at work on an Android version of SolForge as well! It’s still in the testing phase, but it’s coming along very well, and we’re still hoping to have it out by the end of the year.

And More on the Way!

That’s quite a bit for one update, but there’s still more coming, both later this year and into the next. In addition to SolForge for Android, we’re working on another big set of cards, Auction house and card exchange functionality, achievements and leaderboards, campaign mode, and more! SolForge has come an incredibly long way already thanks to our fans, but we’re not going to stop until it’s everything we promised you during our Kickstarter campaign last year and more. Thank you so much for making this all possible!


  1. AngryNarwal

    New pulsemage is great guys, but it’s a common and witherfrost succubus is a heroic, while clearly being a worse card… On top of this, Alloyin is arguably already in better shape than Nekrium…

    May want to REALLY buff the succubus, that’s all.

  2. XenoGears

    I would like to thank you, dev team for creating, maintaining and developing SolForge.
    You guys are super awesome ! 4 Thumbs up lol

    Personal Opinion :
    Reduce the gold price please ^_^ ‘ b
    I want to buy but oh my so expensive hehe

  3. TheCable

    This blows Hearthstone arena out of the water. The whole “cards which appear change based on what other players pick” sounds extremely awesome and the synergies seem aplenty. Can’t come soon enough :P

  4. idsuke

    This is all great news, but the thing I like most is that the new cards are available in packs and daily rewards and not just via draft, etc.!!
    Keep up the good work, guys!!

  5. MammonAzrael

    All these updates look exciting. But I saw no mention of a matter I’ve been trying to find an answer to for a while now: What about Windows 8 Mobile? When/will people who have a Windows phone ever be able to enjoy Solforge?

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