Trials of the Forgeborn! Come watch the game’s best battle it out for Glory and Gold!

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Last week we started a small weekly stream where we pit two of the games best players against each other for your viewing pleasure. This week we bring you back again to The Trials of the Forgeborn!

Live on Friday February 26 At 12:00 PM PST Two giants will go head to head!

I am proud to announce your two competitors for this week are: PTKtempo VS Mathnut.

Mathnut has been a streamer for a long time and you can find his stream at Mathnut streams both draft and constructed. (Also he has beaten Josh The Intern more times than Josh can Count) :)

PTKtempo is a guy that you will see on the weekly leader boards(almost every week!) and plays mostly on the IPad. He is also part of the 5th Faction group.

These two player have been in the game for most of it creation.
Both of these guys are well respected. This promises to be a real back and forth match between two of the great constructed minds of the game.

One person will walk away with the victory and 5600 GOLD richer! Who do you think it will be? What deck do you think they will bring? Will it be more Iconic then the Wegu Monster? Will they be summoning Omega? OR will Ignir remain as top dog?

We will be doing giveaways throughout the stream and hope that everyone that can make it is there. If you cannot make it to the live stream you will find all the action on the Highlights after the stream is over So for everyone that is interested in watching this trial of two Forgeborn you can find the match streamed at live on Friday February 26 At 12:00 PM PST

Each week we will be featuring two amazing players and giving them the chance to win some gold while we watch them battle and give out a bunch of free stuff.

See you Friday Forgeborn!

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