Unexpected Ranked Reset

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Hi everyone,

I made an error today that resulted in the unexpected reset of the ranked system. We are working towards finding the best possible solution at this time.

Once a decision has been made, we will make a post informing you all of what will be happening.

I apologize for the error.

-SBE Gary Arant


  1. Watje

    Why not open a page in a players profile and let them indicate which rank they were.
    A few people may cheat, but who cares? If the aim to high they will be back at bronze in a few sesasons again.
    This way the season can finish as it was supposed to finish…….

  2. Callisto24

    I agree that everyone who participated in ranked play should get the Varna. We were told we had until the end of July to get it. There shouldn’t be a penalty to those who were almost there but didn’t kill themselves to do it in a few weeks when they had months.

  3. DumasAG

    Good on you for taking credit for the mistake. We’re all human. As a player who barely played ranked and only made bronze, I’m fine with whatever. I will say that you’re probably better off giving everyone the titanium prizes though, because there will be a significant number of people who just barely made it or were right there, and you don’t want your first ever ladder to start off by alienating your hardest-working group.

    Call this a soft-open and lets hope the following season is accident-free.

  4. WrA1thOfCroft

    Ive had a total of 7 days off of work from March – June. I was fortunate enough to be able to make Titanium two days ago from just barely completing my dailies everyday and actually lost a little bit of sleep ensure I would reach the goal before the reset. Not only will I be pissed off, but im sure those that were at the cusp of reaching it before the accident will be pissed off if u go by a list thats a week old only.

  5. Sheoldred

    I am really against giving just the current Titanium the Varna AA. For example I was so close to getting there being a Platinum V at the moment. I played this season knowing that I still have some time to get there before it ends. I never had the intention of reaching the highest in Titanium and just played to eventually reach Titanium. So out of my perspective just getting an Ambriel now and some other little compensation would feel really bad and I am sure a lot of players who didnt make Titanium so far will feel the same.

  6. mister_VWP

    I was close to being number one :(

    I think the best solution would be to give everyone Titanium rewards.
    Let the card making deal be for the next season.

    also make the following player titanium, since the last post proves they where titanium.

    “quote last post:”

    I also would like to post the current standings of the Titanium division as of Monday, June 20th:

    1 zrandles
    2 abor
    3 Sobrah
    4 mistervwp
    5 piquadore
    6 Arzakon
    7 Anim8
    8 Nagi
    9 Ryu9
    10 gloommate
    11 mark
    12 Wendell
    13 gottabekd
    14 JockeD
    15 Turkis
    16 Seyfert
    17 ntillerman
    18 highranker
    19 Nataraja
    20 Tetrarain
    21 Mathnut
    22 Funeral

    1. DaRealUluMulu

      This list isnt complete and therefor useless. I got my Titanium after that date. I hope they can find out who had which rank, I dont wanna start at bronze again, too much time spend.

  7. FroggyJCK

    That’s realy bad :-( But we are all humans so we make mistakes.

    You can rollback the Rank from the latest backup and for each day the backup is old you can double the Rank winning Points.

  8. Nickelleon

    “We are working towards finding the best possible solution at this time.”

    Whats better than restoring from the latest backup? Backups exist, right?

  9. Arzakon2

    Hoping the ladder rankings can be reset. If not, can I make a suggestion? You guys have a list of Titanium players from 4 days ago and I know a bunch of players like Jimbozgrpes and WrathofCroft just made Titanium less than 4 days ago. Why not just give out AA Ambriel’s to everyone and AA Varna’s to all the players that made Titanium? Give out the Forgeborn card to the person who ranked #1 from the most current data you have and as a bonus make a second Forgeborn card for this “new” ladder season. If you want to appease the masses, I guess you can give out AA Varna’s to everyone but I know all the players that ground up to Titanium would love another playable exclusive AA that could just be a recolor. Vanity, it is a human sin. :) Oh, and for this season, could we be reset to the appropriate levels? I thought Titanium players were dropped to Gold for the next season and so on for all the other levels.

    1. simonsnow

      Well they didn’t say what rank level titanium players would drop to in the new season, but they did say gold players would drop to silver and silver would drop to bronze, so I assume players’ ranks are dropped by one every new season. Hopefully these doesn’t have to be set.

  10. simonsnow

    So, what rank will i be the next season?
    Spent a ton of time climbing from bronze to titanium, not doing that again.
    I highly suggest setting everyone to platinum in stead of bronze the next season if it comes to a decision regarding my concerns.

  11. Hydroclasm

    Thanks for communicating with us about it SBE. Assuming a rank rollback isn’t possible, hopefully there’s a compromise that most people will be okay with.

    Giving everyone Titanium rewards could work, though it would really cheapen any prestige attached to an AA Varna. For top ranks, you could use whatever latest Titanium rankings you had and restore those players to their ranks, but that would really suck for anyone who reached Titanium between then and now. Best of luck to you guys.

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