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Hello SolForge community!

In lieu of our weekly community content I’d like to talk to you a bit about the upcoming balance changes coming with RaidersUnchained: Rise to Power. I’ll be going through and detailing a little bit of the philosophy behind each change so that you can get a little insight into how we approach these changes. So, let’s get started!


Wild Tamer)

  • Before: 7/7, 12/12, 18/18
  • After: 8/8, 12/12, 18/18

Bron is a card that has fallen a bit short since we adjusted level 1 creature stats about a year ago. He is a key piece in making Dinosaurs a more competitive deck, so we decided to give him a slight nudge up in power level.


Iniog, Carrion Demon

  • Before: 0/3, 12/5, 24/10
  • After: 0/3, 12/7 and Mobility 1, 20/13

Iniog has always been one of my favorite cards since it was designed. I remember specifically in set development wanting to make this card powerful because of how unique and flavorful the card is. However, a big creature with a lot of regenerate, especially one that can end up level 3 early, is the type of card that we have hesitation to push hard on. I think enough time has passed at this point, that it is pretty clear that we shot very low on this card and it could use some love. We don’t see this affecting top tier constructed but hopefully those of you out there who like to try fun stuff can feel a bit better playing Iniog.


Uriel Ironwing

  • Before: 4/7, 8/11, 13/17
  • After: 6/8, 8/11, 13/17

Uriel’s level one was just too little to keep up with the creatures that a shrink player is trying to combat. These new level 1 stats should make her more competitive and pair nicely with her new Grimgaunt friend from the 7.3 release.


Brightsteel Gargoyle

  • Before: 5/5, 10/10, 16/16
  • After: 6/6, 10/10, 16/16

Gargoyle is an old and beloved card that we felt just needed a small bump up to maybe see some occasional play in decks.



Indomitable Fiend

  • Before: “…if it wasn’t Forged, it gets +6…”
  • After: “…if it wasn’t Forged, it gets +5…”

The Fiend was often a bit too oppressive of a swing when players would level up and spawn one with Immortal Echoes. We thought it was time to take a very small amount of power off of the card, especially with Cercee’s Call being released. However, we will be keeping an eye on it going forward. We like what that this card allows players to try to win games in a much different way, with fewer creatures in their deck.




  • Before:
    • Destroy an enemy level 2 or lower creature with Poison.
    • Destroy an enemy creature with Poison.
    • Destroy two enemy creatures with Poison.
  • After:
    • Double the Poison on an enemy creature.
    • Double the Poison on each enemy creature.
    • Free. Double the Poison on each enemy creature.

This change might strike some as odd, since Dissolve is not perceived as the most oppressive part of the Poison strategy. Our problem with Dissolve is that it relieves too much of the natural strategic counter play to the Poison mechanic. It should be a red flag when Poison is a very commonly played deck and somehow a card like Alyssa is not showing up to counter it hard. We think that Dissolve’s sidestepping nature is much to blame for this.


Venomous Netherscale

  • Before:
    • At the end of each turn, double the Poison on each enemy creature.
    • At the end of each turn, double the Poison on each enemy creature.
    • Forge: Each enemy creature gets Poison 1. At the end of each turn, double the Poison on each enemy creature.
  • After:
    • Forge: Double the Poison on each enemy creature.
    • Forge: Double the Poison on each enemy creature.
    • Forge: Double the Poison on each enemy creature and the enemy player.

Again, this change is more about containing the design goal of Poison. When a card like Venomous Netherscale allows you to kill giant level 3 creatures with little effort, all the while creating a board where Venomdrinker gets +30/+30, we have a problem. These few changes against the Poison deck are not intended to kill the strategy altogether. We will continue to keep an eye on the archetype and consider future small changes.

One of the biggest risks with changes to cards in this manner is that to some players the changes will seem not enough and to others it will feel like we arbitrarily picked on their favorite strategy. We are currently of the mind that going forward, we will make small rounds of changes when we feel it is necessary. With that said, please let us know what you think of the new cards, the balance changes and the metagame going forward so we can best work with you to make the game as fun as possible.

I hope that provided you all with a little bit of insight into the balance changes, and as a reminder, these changes will go live with the release of Raiders Unchained: Rise to Power. Until next time!

- SBE Gary Arant

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  1. tickles

    I sometimes wonder if you guys even play your own game.

    “When a card like Venomous Netherscale allows you to kill giant level 3 creatures with little effort, all the while creating a board where Venomdrinker gets +30/+30, we have a problem.”

    This is hilarious, because not only does it take a lot of effort to kill the tier one level threes with poison, but I can’t recall seeing a single vemondrinker during this whole season.

    Yeah dissolve was a counter to anti poison strategies, but you shouldn’t design your game around having hard counters to strategies. That being said, “Poison is a very commonly played deck and somehow a card like Alyssa is not showing up to counter it hard” is just patently false. Alyssa was extremely popular on the ladder and is a very fun deck in it’s own right. I’ve used both, and the poison-alyssa matchup is fun and thoughtful no matter the side of it I’m on.

    A nerf to leyline vermin or toxoid would be fine, but instead you swept the legs of two of the most dynamic and interesting cards in the poison archetype. Neither of the cards you nerfed into the ground are good by themselves, they’re only good when thoughtfully leveled.

    You should be aiming for decks to have even matchups with each other, but instead you seem to want whole decks to hard counter each other. I don’t want to play rock paper scissors every time I que for a match.

  2. Callisto24

    Thank you VERY much for the explanations!

    I love the Uriel buff. She is so fun but was so unplayable previously.
    Appreciate the Gargoyle slight buff, but I agree, it needs to have at least mobility 2 at level 3 to be playable. It was the mobility 3 that really made it shine.

    Poison was certainly bushwhacked. But again, the explanation as to why is helpful. I do however feel that completely changing the nature of Dissolve was unncessary. Also… did you guys not notice that the entire prior month’s ranked was dominated by the 36 card AT deck with 3x Alyssa?

  3. soda_quasar

    I think Leyline Vermin should be nerfed. Try comparing it with other Leylines. pfft.
    Its way too good and far easier to trigger. ( Other Leylines depends on your opponent actions. Leyline Vermin depends on you own play. i.e you can plan to cast poison so that your opponent creature dies on their turn and there is very little you opponent can do to prevent the trigger for Leyline Vermin.)

  4. Maliseraph

    This is a major change to the functioning of Poison decks. If Netherscale had “Activate: Double Poison” that would be a small change so the doubling only happened on the controlling player’s turn, but this was as Forge is once per play and removing continuing threat requiring attention is, as mentioned in an above post, more of a sledgehammer crush than a little change. The Level 3 double to player Poison is neat, but is not an ongoing threat requiring attention, and potentially a huge swing to Player Poison possibly making other big balance issues for further down the line.

    As for Dissolve, in addition to the Level 1 being essentially a waste of time (why not play Netherscale, or another card that puts Poison on the creature), at higher level it no longer lets you clear the big guys at all, completely removing its utility. It also feels wrong for the card art and name, which is about destroying the one infected guy. As mentioned above, Spiritcleave and Death Current will be replacing it. Instead of a neat Poison required creature removal from Uterra, it will be nonthematic creature removal from out of faction. Perhaps a better option would have been “Deal damage equal to 1x/2x/3x the Poison on 1/2/3 Enemy Creature(s)” increasing as it leveled up. This would semi-preserve the kind of instant removal, require Poison on the creature to be targeted, and require more Poison to kill a bigger target.

    I hope these reworks will be reconsidered.

    1. Maliseraph

      My win rate has gone up since removing Dissolve completely and switching to Nekrium removal. Between Spiritcleave and Death Current, they function better than Dissolve did, which requires the targets to be Poisoned first.

      This doesn’t seem to be the intended result, especially as merely doubling Poison on Crogias type enemies (Iron Maiden, Thunderlizard, etc) can actually be a drawback with their specials. I don’t think the Nekrium removal is overpowered, but Dissolve is severely overshadowed now.

      Please see my previous comment for an alternate implementation. You could also go with:

      1: Double Poison On All Creatures
      2: Free: Double Poison On All Creatures
      3: Free: Double Poison On All Creatures. If Any Enemy Creatures Are Affected, Give the Opposing Player Poison 1.


      1: Double the Poison on a Creature and it immediately takes damage equal to its amount of Poison.
      2: Triple the Poison on a Creature and it immediately takes damage equal to its amount of Poison.
      3: Quadruple the Poison on a Creature and it immediately takes damage equal to its amount of Poison.

      Note: This version returns it to being a Creature killer while requiring other good sources of Poison to get truly dramatic Creature removal by damage. If it doesn’t kill it, it hopefully sets you up for a good Venomdrinker.

      Point is, right now Dissolve doesn’t even make sense to include in a concentrated Poison deck. Netherscale is barely skating by being cut because at least I also get a Creature with it. By the time doubling Player Poison is possible, it’s usually too late in the game to be particularly useful. If there’s enough to be worth doubling, I’m likely already winning.

      Hope the feedback helps inspire a change!

  5. SpringDryad

    Most of these changes were so cautious (you could have been more generous with all the buffs).

    Except the nerfs to the two Poison cards which were like a sledgehammer (but quite reasonable, all the same. Poison will still be a strong deck).

  6. Thalia

    Taking away Dissolve wrecks one of the safeties in poison. Poison can be swingy, dissolve is always nice to have in decks in case. Now it’s useless, especially with the buff to Venemous Netherscale. Spend a card to double the poison on a single creature? Seems meh to me.
    Once Deckbuilder is fixed and I can switch between decks at whim, I look forward to experimenting with it to see if it still is viable or not. Until then I’ll just watch.

  7. DraftSilver

    My oppinion about those changes:


    Even buffing it the real problem with it now is not self healing.

    Still a for fun card. Stats arent good yet. And Level 1 still crap.

    Great buff. Now this card maybe could see some play.

    Brightsteel Gargoyle
    Mobility 1 in Level 2 and 3 is really bad. This card was great in the past because of Mobility 2 and 3. But the new stats are acceptable. The problem is the really fast metagame making him not so good since he will lose a chance to attack in half of turns.

    Indomitable Fiend
    For me he could be keeped in +6/+6, but change his ability to …, if it wasn’t Forged, … to … if it wasn’t Forged and is Rank 3 or more, … this way would slow down the 1 creature deck.

    Was a Tier 1 card now is a joke. A for fun card. Was used more to destroy blockers and bosses. Now this card is almost useless. Players should use Spiritcleave and Death Current instead of it in Poison Decks.

    Venomous Netherscale
    Alot of Poison decks dont use it. He is useless now. Only his Level 3 could be ok if you have Hive Empress, Killer Bee and other poison to the player cards.

    Fiend decks are not so popular. Poison decks dont need Netherscale and Dissolve. The Buffed cards are not so much popular and the new grimgaunt is crap then i think those changes will be almost useless.

    1. AbeldeGr

      I totally agree, I think only the Uriel buff is going to help much.
      The buffs are just not enough to make the cards really viable and the nerfs are (except for the fiend nerf) changing the whole card while they weren’t the problem of poison deck being this good.

  8. cacafuego

    This might be my favorite balance changes you’ve made. Love all of these changes, especially excited for OGs gargoyle and (slightly less OG bron. 8/8 will be huge for bron.

    Poison was just a little too good at everything, so the nerfs were nice, if extreme. Alyssa gets better and we should see a few thundersaurs again. Which conversely softens the field to nekrium. Should be a fun few weeks after release!

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