Upcoming downtime

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Hey Everyone!

Downtime today to push a bunch of changes. Here’s the rundown:

Softdowntime around 2 pm EDT (no new games)
Going down around 3 pm EDT
Coming back around 4 pm EDT


  • Leafkin Progenitor re-enabled
  • Lightning Elemental reworked to, “creatures you control with level equal to or less than your rank have aggressive”
  • Killion AA enabled. (The art is already in client just needed a data update to be enabled)
  • New Draft pool. Will get the website updated shortly after.
  • Pushing the beta official client version to official client on steam enabling Linux and Mac naturally as well as several bug fixes.


I’m also scheduling several new weekend warriors: Forgeborn Alliance, Precision Draft and Precision Constructed.




  1. Callisto24

    That’s great to hear that you are able to change the functionality of cards in client!
    I think you’ve covered this before… but the bug fixes and your version of the client isnt going to be available for Ios mobile for a while correct? I only play on mobile so fingers crossed eventually.

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