Upcoming Raiders Unchained Expansion

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Hi everyone, but we hope to be back up soon.

Stay tuned for more information as it comes.

Thanks for your patience,

SBE Gary Arant
Greetings Forgeborn!

It has been over a month since the release of Raiders Unchained, which means that it is almost time for a small expansion release for the set. There will be plenty of information and spoilers to come, but I first wanted to provide you all with some of the basic information regarding the release.

First, the release will include 8 new cards. There will be a Heroic and a Legendary released for each faction. All of these cards will be released at the same time and will drop in both our standard Solforge boosters and our Raiders Unchained boosters.

Once released, we will have four consecutive special release weeks, each week featuring a different faction of new cards. This will bring a precon deck into the store, which will include one copy of each of the new cards in that faction. We will be starting with Uterra as the first featured faction of the release. In addition to the precon decks, we will have Faction themed legendary chests in the store. These will be similar to the faction chests we have had in the past, with the addition of including a brand new alternate art card that we have never released before!

The next time we talk about this release will come with spoilers, so stay tuned for more information regarding the release!

Thanks for checking in,

SBE Gary Arant





  1. DwarvenPony

    Thank you, this is good news. We appreciate all your efforts which you make for the game.

    May I ask you, will any of the 8 new cards help us cope against the SPRING DRYAD? For example, like the Rotfiend in Nekrium who can stand up to her. That Spring Dryad causes big headaches for opponents at Levels 1, 2 and 3…..she is one potent lady! :)

    1. Gabo

      I don’t think heroics or Legendaries will help affect the drafting environment at all (in general .1 updates don’t). Even if there was a card that countered spring dryad, you really need it to be at rare or common to have any significant effect.

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