Uterra release, today at 12pm PST!

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if you want to get your hands on any Alloyin legendary chests, now is the time. They will no longer be available once the Uterra release begins.

Once the Uterra release begins, there will be a new all Uterra starter deck in the store, Call of Deepwood. The deck contains the new Legendary card, Enduring Vitality and the new Heroic card, Patron of Deepwood.

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We will also be adding a limited time Uterra Legendary Chest. The chest contains only Uterra cards, including a guaranteed Legendary card and guaranteed Alternate Art card!


See ya in Solis!

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  1. Nickelleon

    Is there a list of applicable Uterra Alternate Art cards available somewhere? The card database doesn’t have a filter for AA’s, and even then, some AA’s are special and may or may not show up in the chests. Looking forward to an official list.

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