Uterra Week Has Begun!

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SolForge will be celebrating Uterra week! This means:

This weekend we’ll be doing a Mono-Faction Constructed Weekend Warrior

    • Entry Fee: 2 Event Tickets, 40,000 Silver, or 360 Gold
      (If you enter this event with gold, the prize packs you receive will contain sharable cards)

      Choose a deck from your saved decks that contains ONLY a single faction’s cards to play in this tournament.
      Play 4 rounds and win prizes based on how many rounds you win.

      Four Wins – 2 Event Tickets & a Platinum Prize Pack
      Three Wins – 2 Event Tickets & a Gold Prize Pack
      Two Wins – 1 Event Ticket & a Silver Prize Pack
      One Win – 1 Event Ticket & a Bronze Prize Pack
      Zero Wins – a Booster Pack 

Uterra Legendary Chest is available in the store!

  • All Uterra cards!
  • Has same drop rates as regular chest, except one of the common slots instead gives out a random Uterra Alternate Art card from the following list:
  • Deepbranch Prowler
  • Spring Dryad
  • Rootforged Avatar
  • Uterra Packmaster
  • Chrogias
  • Thundersaur
  • Oros, Deepwood’s Chosen (this is exclusively available in Uterra Legendary chests)

New Uterra Week Mission!

    • Mission pays out one Uterra Legendary chest the first time you beat it.
    • Mission is a rematch against Oros, but he starts at 200 health and has improved his deck! 


  1. TheGentleman

    These single player challenges / campaign are incredibly fun. I haven’t felt that the game has brought something this fun and new since tournaments were introduced. Keep up the excellent work gentlemen!

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