Uterra Faction Starter Preview

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The Uterra faction lives deep underground the frozen surface of the world, in lush subterranean caverns lit by luminescent mosses lining the walls.  The caves they call their home teem with life, which is that of nature, life, and growth.

We wanted to show off this penchant for plenty in the first experience many players will have with the Uterra faction – the faction starter deck.  These decks are available now as an in-app purchase through the SolForge app as of the most recent update, and will be used during our demos at PAX East.  Those of you who are going to be at the show will also be able to get a code good for a free copy of the Uterra starter deck, so if you’re there don’t forget to stop by the Stone Blade booth!

Many of you have already had a chance to experience our original demo decks, which were broken down into faction combinations of Uterran/Nekrium and Tempys/Alloyin.  While opinion may be split as to which of these decks is more powerful, there is little debate that Echowisp is one of the strongest cards in either deck.  Echowisp is a powerful example of Uterran life magic.  They are the faction best equipped to create multiple creatures with a single card.


You’ll find Echowisp in the Uterran starter deck as well, but it’s not the only card of its kind in there.  We wanted to use the Uterran starter to show off the faction’s penchant for making lots of creatures, so you’ll find this card in there as well.


Hunting Pack is one of the development team’s favorite cards since it creates quite a few exciting moments.  While the creatures it makes are relatively small, with only three attack and two health at level one, the ability to fill up your lanes quickly while your opponent is limited to two actions per turn can allow you to get ahead in the health race.  If you’re lucky, sometimes you can fill up the entire board with a single Hunting Pack!  More often, though, you’ll get two or three wolves to help stave off your opponent’s larger creatures or put the pressure on them.

A second major Uterran theme – growth – works very well with their ability to put a bunch of creatures into play.  While the original demo decks showcased one element of Uterran growth with Enrage and Lifeshaper Savant, that of making a single large creature that’s difficult for your opponent to stop, the Uterran starter deck focuses on their ability to enhance your entire team.



Got a bunch of Echowisps and Wolves in play but they’re not quite getting the job done on their own?  Not a problem – Ferocious Roar and Uterran Packmaster are here to help.  Ferocious Roar can have an immediate game-swinging impact the turn you play it, giving your creatures the boost they need to win the close combats your opponent set up on their turn.  Uterran Packmaster, on the other hand, provides a powerful sense of inevitability. If your opponent doesn’t get him off the board almost immediately, your entire team will keep growing every turn until your opponent simply has no chance to recover.   Unstoppable growth?  Sounds Uterran to me!   Both of these cards can be fairly strong in their own right, but they’re particularly effective when you’re playing cards like Echowisp and Hunting Pack to make multiple creatures with a single action.

Keep checking back here each day as we get closer to PAX East to see more of the new faction starters, and if you like what you see, be sure to pick them up from the in-app store!  Not only will you have all new content to play with right now, but all of the cards in the starter decks you purchase will be added to your collection when the SolForge deckbuilding feature goes live.

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