Weekend Warrior: Forgemaster

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Fellow Forgeborn, I have the distinct honor of announcing that our Weekend Warrior this weekend will be Forgemaster! Following the release of Raiders Unchained: Ancient Grudge, we decided we’d like to let you guys play around with the new cards, so starting this Thursday, September 22nd at noon Pacific until Sunday, September 25th at 11:59pm Pacific, you’ll be able to play with ANY card in the game! The entry fee for this event will be 100 Silver and you will play four (4) rounds of matches. At the end, regardless of wins, you will receive 100 Silver back as your reward. To add cards that you don’t own to your deck, choose “All Cards” from the drop-down menu next to the “Filters” button in the Collection tab and add away! We hope you all enjoy our latest release, and we look forward to seeing your new decks and what you can do with it!

[SBE] Foxhull


  1. Aegon82

    I love this WW, I always have fun trying weird decks.
    But after my last game, I really need to ask:
    Why would a titanium player use the classic t1 poison deck in this WW????
    I really can’t understand it… Earn nothing, prove nothing, probably use the same deck you already use in ranked… Just an ego boost I guess…

    1. Zwaxor

      As a Titanium player, I have nowhere near the silver to acquire cards like Shardplate Toxoid to actually make the deck work. They might just be interested in testing out the most popular deck to improve their matchup when they play their usual deck.

      1. Aegon82

        You don’t have 300k silver for 3 toxoid? I am a bronze player right now (not playing much ranked lately) but I have an almost perfect poison deck… It’s so easy to earn silver now, just play some drafts, scrap and repeat.
        But anyway, testing an already proven, maybe the best, t1 deck? What do you need to test? Also, in a format free to enter, with no prize, with all the cards available, people are suppossed to use new home brew decks.

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