Weekend Warrior: Four Faction Singleton

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I really like to play constructed and I usually play a lot of different decks. I’ve been able to climb the constructed ladder up to the Top 5 for each season so far. This time is thought I should do something different. My goal is to reach Titanium but with semi-budget decks just to prove or see that there is no need to have 25 or more Legendaries to go all the way.

The deck rules is set up for myself was that that it shouldn’t cost more than 1, patient 000,000 Silver to craft the whole deck and I was only allowed to use maximum of six Legendary cards in each deck.

I generally prefer to play aggressive decks so that’s where I decided to start. With that in mind, I decided to start looking at some of the best aggressive creatures in the game: Tempys creatures.

Aggressive Core

  • 3 Korok, Khan of Kadras
  • 3 Blitzmane Dragon
  • 3 Warhound Raider

To start out we have our six Legendaries, as well as Warhound Raider and these three cards can really punish most controlling decks. However, we do need to have some staying power and board control. Since we are firmly in Tempys, I decided to go ahead take a look at the long forgotten tribe of Yetis.

Yeti Core

  • 3 Uranti Warlord
  • 3 Firefirst Uranti
  • 3 Cauldron Mystic


Yetis pack some strong abilities when it comes to board presence and keeping the game in control. Couple that with their relatively high health and you’ve got a recipe for success. There’s also some added synergy between Cauldron Mystic and Warhound Courser, which combined with damage from Uranti Warlord and Firefist Uranti, can often be enough to clear the path for your weaker aggressive creatures. However, Yetis do lack some punch and being an aggressive deck our goal is to finish the game in Rank two before our opponent can land their big bombs.

In order to shore up this weakness, I tried to combine our Tempys package with each other faction, looking for strong supporting spells and creatures that can help push through damage as fast as possible. In the end I settled on Uterra which I think is the faction that brings the most power to the deck.

Boost/Utility package

  • 3 Weirwood Patriarch
  • 3 Lysian Shard
  • 1 Shardbound Invoker
  • 1 Ferocious Roar
  • 2 Demara’s Pitguard
  • 2 Shatterbolt


Weirwood Patriarch is a Yeti’s best friend, boosting their size and also bringing a solid body along. Lysian Shard is a great versatile card that can bring that extra push to win you the game from nowhere on a Blitzmane Dragon or help you trade with that monster creature your opponent managed to build. It can also give Firefist Uranti a huge boost to completely dominate the board. Don’t be afraid to slam it down on your Firefist if you expect your opponent is playing a deck that heavily relies on creatures.

Shardbound Invoker and Ferocious Roar round out the boosting package nicely, and I also chose Pitguard as it has a solid body and can mop up any creature left behind by the Yetis. Shatterbolt is a nod to the decks that utilize Armor running around and the fact that without any hard removal, this deck can have trouble with Armored creatures.

So, this is the final product:

  • 3 Korok, Khan of Kadras
  • 3 Blitzmane Dragon
  • 3 Warhound Raider
  • 3 Uranti Warlord
  • 3 Firefirst Uranti
  • 3 Cauldron Mystic
  • 3 Weirdwood Patriarch
  • 3 Lysian Shard
  • 1 Shardbound Invoker
  • 1 Ferocious Roar
  • 2 Demara’s Pitguard
  • 2 Shatterbolt

Ladder link

If you take the time to tally it all up, the deck comes in at under 1,000,000 Silver and has exactly six Legendaries, which is in line the the challenge I set for myself.

Tips and Tricks Against the Metagame (See Also Here):

Control: Go as aggressive as possible. Level cards that can deal damage as soon as you play them.

Leveling priority: Korok, Cauldron Mystic, Blitzmane Dragon/Warhound Raider.

Mono Nekrium: You are the aggressor again, though some board control will be required.

Leveling priority: Weirwood Patriarch, Korok, Uranti Warlord/Cauldron Mystic

Raid: You will mostly need to control the board but be aware of when to get aggressive (if you are within reach of killing your opponent over the next couple turns).

Leveling priority: Yetis, Patriarch, don’t be afraid to play an early Firefist Uranti and Lysian Shard.

Burn: It’s a race.

Leveling priority: Korok, Pitguard, Cauldron Mystic, Weirwood Patriarch. Lysian Shard can be extremely valuable and Shatterbolt can steal games.


Poison: There are a lot of Poison variants out there, mostly in the vein of Mono Uterra. This match-up can be very difficult as they usually control the board better than you and have better creatures in terms of size.

Leveling priority: Yetis, Weirwood Patriarch. An early Firefist Uranti and Lysian Shard can again win you the game.

Where to go next?

You can easily evolve this deck into an Alloyin or Uterra Raid deck which might have a stronger game plan against some of your weaker match-ups, but that mean that you will move away from Yetis and instead go with another synergy package, such as Alyssa/Trial by Combat/Brimstone Tyrant or into Ator/Umbruk Lasher/Lorus. You can also add Malice Hermit, which is a Yeti and can bring some synergy with your other Yetis while packing a big punch.

The aggressive package is very solid and those cards are good to craft if you haven’t got them yet and like aggressive strategies.

This was one of the two decks I was using to get to Gold within the first days of the ladder reset. The other deck will be presented another time.

Look out for some streaming and videos of me playing this and other decks.



See you in ladder.

- JockeD


The Weekend Warrior this week is Four Faction Singleton! Starting tomorrow, visit this Thursday, prostate December 8th at 12:00pm Pacific, salve you’ll be able to play with decks that can cards from all FOUR factions. In addition, you may only use a single copy of each card in your deck. This event is NOT phantom, so you will need to own the cards you wish to play with.  This event will accept entries until Sunday, December 11th at 11:59pm Pacific, after which no further entries will be possible. This event costs two (2) Event Tickets to enter, and the prizes are as follows:

  • Four Wins: 2 Event Tickets and a Random Legendary Card
  • Three Wins: 2 Event Tickets and 2 Booster Packs
  • Two Wins: 1 Event Ticket and 2 Booster Packs
  • One Win: 1 Event Ticket and a Booster Pack
  • Zero Wins: a Booster Pack

Until next week!

- [SBE] Foxhull

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