Weekend Warrior – Legendary Draft is Back!

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Legendary draft is coming back this weekend! One of our best received Weekend Warrior events so far, Legendary draft gives you the chance to play with many of the most powerful and exciting cards in all of SolForge!

The big difference in Legendary Draft is right in the name – there are Legendary cards galore! Every six card pack will offer players six different Legendary cards to choose from, leading to all kinds of crazy things going on!

Important notes: Cards selected in Legendary Draft will *not* be added to your collection. Players in Legendary Draft will only be paired against other players from the Legendary Draft queue. Because of this, while we will be closing entries at midnight Pacific time on Sunday, June 22nd, players will be able to complete their remaining matches for an additional 24 hours after entries are closed. We recommend that you complete your games well before this time in order to ensure that you can find appropriate opponents.

Entry Fee: 4 Tickets


4 Wins: 5 Tickets

3 Wins: 4 Tickets

2 Wins: 3 Tickets

1 Win: 2 Tickets

0 Wins: 1 Ticket


Are you ready to get Legendary?


  1. Zaken

    Does anyone know if these events and all events in draft/constructed/tournaments all use “smart” choices when using tickets to enter? Such as using 3 silver + 1 gold ticket so the winnings are gold?

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