Weekend Warrior – Rise of the Forgeborn 2.1 Release Events

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SF2_u133(3)_LCVWeekendWarrior tournaments are back! With the Rise of the Forgeborn 2.1 patch just a week old, the newest cards are still on everyone’s minds. Looking to get your hands on them? Our Rise of the Forgeborn 2.1 Release Events are a great chance for you to play in events and get the newest cards as prizes!

This time, we’re running two weekends of release events – one with Draft tournaments, and the other with Constructed events!

This weekend, starting at noon Pacific time on Friday, May 23rd, we’ll be running RotF 2.1 Release Drafts. These drafts will work just like our normal draft events, and players who enter them will be paired against both one another and against players in the normal draft queues. The only difference is the payouts. Instead of normal draft payouts, the RotF 2.1 Release Drafts will pay out prizes based on the table below. Due to the holiday weekend, we will be extending this event until Midnight on Monday, May 26th, so you’ll have a bit of extra time to play!

4 Wins 1 RotF Legendary Card, 5 RotF Packs, 6 RotF 2.1 Packs
3 Wins 6 RotF Packs, 6 RotF 2.1 Packs
2 Wins 4 RotF Packs, 4 RotF 2.1 Packs
1 Win 2 RotF Packs, 4 RotF 2.1 Packs
0 Wins 1 RotF Pack, 3 RotF 2.1 Packs

The following weekend, beginning on May 30th at noon Pacific time, we’ll be running RotF 2.1 Constructed Release events. These events will work a little differently than our usual Constructed tournaments. They will have an entry fee of only two tickets, and players will only be paired with other players who are also in the Release events. Because of this, you will have to be sure to complete your tournaments while the event is still running in order to be able to find opponents. Entries will close at midnight on Sunday, June 1st, and all matches must be finished by the end of Monday, June 2nd.

These tournaments will pay out based on the table below:

4 Wins 5  RotF 2.1 Packs
3 Wins 4  RotF 2.1 Packs
2 Wins 3  RotF 2.1 Packs
1 Win  2  RotF 2.1 Packs
0 Wins 1  RotF 2.1 Packs

Who’s ready for the weekend?


  1. XbrokenX

    Thanks much for the RotF 2.1 Release Drafts, SBE team. I have done two so far, and it has already helped me build up my collection of the newer cards quite a bit… particularly in the factions that I don’t draft as often.

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