Weekend Warrior Tournaments – Legendary Drafts!

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class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-16697″ alt=”SLN2a003-3e” src=”https://solforgegame.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/SLN2a003-3e.jpg” width=”1050″ height=”1050″ />Aftersome time off for spring break, Weekend Warrior tournaments are back in style! We’re introducing a new Weekend Warrior draft event this weekend that should really shake things up – Legendary Draft!¬†Whether you’re someone who drafts all the time, or someone who ventures into the format only occasionally, Legendary Draft should offer a crazy and fun new experience.

The big difference in Legendary Draft is right in the name – there are Legendary cards galore! Every six card pack will offer players six different Legendary cards to choose from, leading to all kinds of crazy things going on!

Important notes: Cards selected in Legendary Draft will *not* be added to your collection. Players in Legendary Draft will only be paired against other players from the Legendary Draft queue. Because of this, while we will be closing entries at midnight Pacific time on Sunday, April 27th, players will be able to complete their remaining matches for an additional 24 hours after entries are closed. We recommend that you complete your games well before this time in order to ensure that you can find appropriate opponents.

Entry Fee: 4 Tickets


4 Wins: 5 Tickets

3 Wins: 4 Tickets

2 Wins: 3 Tickets

1 Win: 2 Tickets

0 Wins: 1 Ticket


Are you ready to get Legendary?


  1. Celtia

    Oh for the love of- This sounds like SO much fun, but I legitimately have no free time to play it over the weekend since I’ve already preregistered for every available prerelease flight of the new MTG set.

    I hope this format comes around again. :( Still, seems like a great idea, Stoneblade!

  2. HolyLlama

    Everyone complaining about entry rates: don’t forget that SBE is a business. They would like to make money. They can’t just give out product like these drafts for free to most of the population. Don’t forget as well that you get 1 ticket for free every single day. I’m really happy with these payouts, because I can have some fun without throwing away all my tickets for doing poorly like in regular draft.

  3. The Average Guy

    While the format itself looks like it’ll be chaotic fun, I don’t know how to feel about having to win three games just to straight-up break even (with normal draft, 3-1 gives you two guaranteed heroics on top of your tickets, and regardless of results, you get to keep anything you drafted). Personally, I think it’d be better if they either reduced the entry fee by one ticket or raised the tickets won by one each (0-4 nets you two tickets, 1-3 nets you three, 2-2, nets you four, etc.). If you’re going to walk away with zero cards after the event is done regardless of how well you do, I’d rather that it’d be easier for people to continuously play the format.

  4. Jonesy

    “Every six card pack will offer players six different Legendary cards to choose from”

    So every single card is legendary? Arent 30 card legendary decks really boring?

    1. The Average Guy

      They mean that every time you have to choose from a set of 6, all your choices will be legendary. All other picks will be as if it were part of a normal draft.

  5. Invisible

    Ticket bleed? I would happily pay 1-3 tickets to get to SMASH WITH LEGENDARIES. The fact that you even get to do it for free some of the time is incredible. If that’s an experience you’re not interested in, go grind for packs during the week. Personally, I’m gonna cash out a few extra tickets and slam some level 4 Forgeborn!

  6. flamejuggler

    i love draft. this sounds fun. but yeah, the prize support is uninspiring. would be nice if the folks that 4-0 or 3-1 had a chance to get a legendary from the legendary draft! collecting legendaries is sort of my main goal in drafting, but payouts like this don’t encourage me to play many/any of these at all other than as a lark, as tickets aren’t my main issue since i rarely do worse than 2-2. netting 1 ticket or breaking even as the best you can do? zzzzz.

  7. Geothrix

    sounds awesome. prizes exactly what I would want for an event like this. Play something really different and fun for minimal cost. thanks sbe! can’t wait to check it out. you guys should announce the people with the most impressive records in the format at the end of the weekend as added competitive incentive.

  8. KestralB

    I will be there just for the fun of something like this. I’m glad they decided to keep ticket bleed low instead of throwing in lots of other prizes. The variance in these “legendary” draft decks is likely going to be quite high, and if the stakes (and average cots!) are low then people can play the format for fun rather than being super competitive about it.

  9. YukatanJack

    Man, this sounds like a ton of fun and all, but the prize support is terrible. Come on, Stoneblade, you couldn’t throw some packs in — particularly for 3-1 — just so it feels like we’re getting somewhere? I get that the bleed is low, but going 3-1 and just breaking even, or going 4-0 and netting one measly ticket for the effort just sounds really disappointing.

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