Weekend Warrior Tournaments – Rise of the Forgeborn Release Celebration Drafts

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2.0-ReleaseThisweekend, and we will post details of the Weekend Warrior event formats ahead of time.

To kick things off, this weekend we are running Rise of the Forgeborn Release Celebration drafts! In addition to our normal draft queue, you’ll have the opportunity to enter a RotF Release Celebration draft. If you do, you’ll draft and play your rounds as normal, but instead of the usual prizes, you’ll be playing for the chance to win Rise of the Forgeborn packs!


  • 4 Wins: 10 Rise of the Forgeborn Packs
  • 3 Wins: 8 Rise of the Forgeborn Packs
  • 2 Wins: 4 Rise of the Forgeborn Packs
  • 1 Win: 3 Rise of the Forgeborn Packs
  • 0 Wins: 2 Rise of the Forgeborn Packs¬†

If you’re a drafter looking to get your hands on some Rise of the Forgeborn cards, this weekend is for you!

Is it Friday yet?


  1. MataLeon27

    I don’t understand why people complain every time Stoneblade does anything. It appears that this will be an extra draft option in addition to regular draft and constructed. If you don’t want to participate then don’t participate. It being made available for those who may want to participate. I don’t worry about ticket bleed or not getting enough silver back because Stoneblade gives me, for free, tickets and silver and packs and cards everyday just for playing and winning. I have a Pay account and a free account and I will gladly enter the RotF draft on both accounts because even if I go 0-4 the draft I will HAVE FUN, get some RotF packs and get the tickets back for free with my first daily online win. I have a pay account not because I am entering all the competitive tournaments but because I want Stoneblade to stay in business. If everyone was a Free to Play then Stoneblade would be out of business and then people would complain and say Stoneblade should of managed their finances better. Anyway I totally appreciate all that Stoneblade does and I look forward to future “Weekend Warrior” drafts.

    1. Callisto24

      They made a prior comment that you’d be able to enter a for ticket and for Set 2 pack draft simultaneously if you want. I can only guess that means that you’d use the same pool of cards to make 1 deck and your results would earn you prizes both ways. I’d also assume that to do this you’d need to use 14 tickets to enter the draft.

      I doubt that this would retroactively affect a draft you’ve already started as the set 2 rewards didnt start until noon today.

  2. YukatanJack

    This sounded like a great deal right up until I remembered how unhappy I was to get packs as daily rewards before the update, and how unhappy I’d been with the 40 packs I paid for when packs first launched. These packs are really only a good way to fill out your Heroics, and if you draft enough, you’re going to do that anyway. Besides, what Rise of the Forgeborn Heroics are you even after? They’re largely unexciting. All the power is at Legendary, unfortunately.

  3. ChadO

    Its actually worth it. tickets are at 60cents each. For 7 tickets (total $4.20), you just need to go 2-2 in the draft and get 4packs of RotF worth $8.00. Heck 7 tickets, 0-4 the draft and get 2RotF packs and you still break even with the draft cards you take home.

    Better pay out than the current draft actually which on an average of 2-2 means you lose 4 tickets worth $2.40. You get a prize pack that may not even have nice heroics.

    Oh, and the average chance of getting a legendary card in RotF is 1 in every 6 packs. My suggestion, dont open the packs until you have 10, then once you open a legendary, stop and collect more packs again.

    1. Callisto24

      Chad… I agree, if you are willing to spend some money then yes, this is a good deal. If you’re a free to pay player (which I’m not) trying to justify it with spending silver I dont think its worth it. The ratio of silver to gold for ticket purchases (150:1) is even worse than what I detailed in my prior response for the variance in purchasing a normal booster v. RotFB boster (25:1). This might not make sense as I’m not sure if my prior comment can actually be seen by everyone as it still shows awaiting moderation when I view this comment section.

  4. Strideur

    This is great. I’ll still be playing ticket drafts, but this is great for people drafting to beef up their RotF collections.

    Looking forward to seeing other new drafting options.

  5. Holyghost5514

    People ask and they receive, as long as i can still draft to win tickets this seems like nothing but positive, cant wait till next week to see what experimental format is next :) keep up the good work Stoneblade, your fans appreciate all your hard work!

  6. Callisto24

    Unless my math is incorrect this doesnt seem nearly close to worth it unless you are absolutely desperate for set 2 cards.

    The silver to gold ratio is 25:1 (It takes 200 gold or 5,000 silver to acquire a basic booster).

    It costs 560 gold for a RotFB pack or 14,000 silver (although you cant purchase it with silver).

    7 tickets entering a tournament costs 30,000 silver x 7 or 210,000 silver.

    If you go 2-2 your 4 set two packs cost you 52,500 silver each or about 40,000 per pack over what they should be available for purchase straight up. That’s a high premium to be able to acquire set 2 packs for silver.

    Even if you go 3-1, your 7 set two packs cost you 30,000 silver per pack or 16,000 silver per pack over what it should be available for. That’s over twice the cost of a pack!

    If you’re extremely lucky and you go 4-0 you get 10 packs at a cost of 21,000 silver each or still losing 7,000 silver per pack… AND you are NOT guaranteed a legendary.

    This seems like SBE is trying to appease the masses by making set 2 more collectible… HOWEVER… I think the end result is that it is a HUGE ticket drain and not worth the investment.

    1. Serraph

      yeah the silver per gold ratio is always tricky……..if you compare basic pack gold to silver ratio yes you are correct, but if you compare playmat gold to silver ratio this is just about the same. I would say the basic pack ratio should not be deemed the standard, or that was tentatively lowered to ease free-to-play difficulties.

  7. Fenix

    I like the idea, I think it should be reduced tickets rather than no tickets though. Also what are the chances of a legendary in these packs, that will probably determine whether I will participate or not.

  8. chad.ellis

    What are the chances of Legendaries in these packs? (Apologies in advance for asking what I’m sure is already out there, but with the recent changes I’m not sure.)

  9. Serraph

    a good chance to exchange silver for ROTF packs; 105,000 silver per pack in the worst case, 21,000 silver per pack in the best case, average 52562.5 silver per ROTF pack (requires only 2 wins), silver per gold ratio around the same as playmats

  10. qotal

    I’d suggest adding the tickets back.
    I realize that this is a great deal on ROTF packs, and if you don’t have any this is an excellent method of acquiring them.
    But it will not appeal to many players (myself I’m on the fence) to spend 7 tickets and get none of them back.
    I don’t think this is a rip-off or anything, I think it’s great that you’re doing this, but I can also see why this will not appeal to many players.

    1. David_SBE

      @qotal, Keep in mind that this is an additional format option. You may still play in the regular draft queues all throughout the weekend. So no pressure. Do whatever makes you happy =)

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