Weekend Warriors and gold purchasing are back!

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We have some great news! The recent server transition has gone smoothly thus far, so we have turned gold purchasing back on. We have also scheduled Weekend Warrior tournaments to return, starting with Guaranteed Legendary Draft at 12pm Pacific on March 2nd.

We appreciate the continued support from the SolForge community through these last few weeks. We are still pursuing pathways and options for our next steps with SolForge, and we will continue to keep you updated on that progress.

I look forward to playing against you all in the upcoming Weekend Warrior!


  1. Tattered

    Still pursuing? To me the pathway and option is pretty clear: start being generous. Let people buy tickets with silver again, for instance. Give new players a bunch of card packs. Change tournament prize structure back to something decent. Stop trying to do minor changes to get a little bit of money from a couple of whales. You need to re-invent this game and realize you’re already screwed. Being generous now isn’t gonna screw you more, it just might bring people back. I don’t want to see this fail again. I would love for it to succeed, but you need to admit to yourselves you fucked up. Now it’s time to clean it up. Do major changes. And I mean major. Contact Humble Bundle, give people 150 packs… Whatever… Give people 100 tickets too. All for 1 dollar. That will get people’s attention. It’s not the time for minor adjustments. It’s time for big adjustments. Otherwise, SolForge will die all over again. Let’s be honest, though: it’s on borrowed time. Again. Stop making changes that will make you money (aka enabling gold buying) and trying to tell us it’s a great thing when it’s not gonna change the game’s future. Nobody’s getting fooled again. So stop making minor changes that will make you money and start making changes that will bring lots of people to the game. THEN you can start charging, within reason. Show people generosity first so they can see what a great game this is. I can’t believe you need to be told that turning on gold purchase now and annoucing it as a great thing is actually a shit move. Maybe if it came with some other plans, some new changes. But no, it’s just the gold. It shows me you changed nothing. You learned nothing. Start learning from the past. You need players right now, not money from 30 people still hanging around. So what are the plans? Growing the game from the ground up or just milking the people that are still hanging around? The reason I’m so mad is cause I see you making the same announcements as before. It’s like the game never died. The game’s dead, though. It’s fucking dead. You need something big to bring it back to life. Announce that. It’s not so hard to give away a bunch of stuff for new and old players and get their attention. Do you think new players care about gold purchasing when they can check steam charts and see that only 25 people are still playing the game? Nobody new will spend money on that shit. Nobody. You need to show people something different. Show me something different. Cause it looks like every time you’re in a jam, you just squeeze people a little harder and kill yourselves a little bit more in the process. Stop doing that. Stop it. Stop. Again: you need new players (and old), but you’re not getting them back without really changing your ways.

    1. Tattered

      Just as a quick “edit”:
      Old players that have been here until now are not gonna go away because they can’t purchase things. Those are the people that will truly stick with you til the end, no matter what (and they did. Steam Charts shows consistent 30-something people for the last months of this game). It’s not for those people that you need to make the changes, it’s for the potential new ones. Do you understand that concept? New people won’t give two shits about gold purchasing and legendary drafting cause there’s just no incentive for them to stay. The ones still hanging around will stay no matter what. They’re not the ones you need to please right now and they should understand that. You need to cater to new players. Ask old players to be understanding while you make the game more attractive to new players and they will be.

      1. nation

        I’d add a third group – people who left.

        There was a base, I don’t know how many but I am a part of it, that was here for a long time (original Kickstarter for me until a little after the big app redesign) that already knows a bit, yet could be brought back in.

        As Tattered said – it’s not about gold or whatever, but signs that the game has the issues of the past figured out.

  2. Likeaboss

    Would you consider getting rid of the limited constructed weekend warriors and focusing more on the alternative drafts? Honestly, if we want to play a different constructed format we can go do that at http://www.solforgeladder.com. The draft weekend warriors and the elite tourneys are the only real appeal this game has at the moment.

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