Welcome SBE Foxhull!

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Hello SolForge community!

Stoneblade Entertainment is excited to announce our newest addition to the team, Andrew “Foxhull” Anderson!

Our incredible SolForge community is what makes it possible for our small company to keep working on this game that we love so much. Andrew has been a pillar of the SolForge community from day one. Anyone who has interacted with Foxhull can attest to his knowledge of the inner-workings of the community and the respectful way he treats everyone in it. I feel very confident that there is no better way for us to improve how we serve our community than for us to add someone like Foxhull to the team.

Here is a message from Andrew:

Hi, I’m Andrew Anderson, but you probably know me by my username, Foxhull. I’m 26 years old and I’m currently attending school to get my degree in Computer Science. I’ve been around the SolForge community since pretty much the beginning, including the Kickstarter. I was a member of one of the original SolForge teams, Forgewatch, and have been doing everything I can to help the game for as long as it’s been around.

I’m excited to start my internship with Stoneblade and I’ll be 100% focused on making SolForge a bigger and better game. I’ll be focused on SolForge’s wonderful community and I hope to be a direct point of contact for both the community and Stoneblade. I hope to learn a lot from everyone and I hope that my love of the game is apparent as I work with you to improve SolForge in every way possible.

Feel free to email me directly at foxhull@stoneblade.com to share your thoughts and concerns about the game.


We are excited to see the kind of positive impact Foxhull will continue have on our game and community. Please, everyone join us in welcoming Foxhull to the SBE team!

-SBE Gary Arant




    1. DumasAG

      I don’t think most veterans would care one way or another, but I’m not sure the community would love it. The majority of the community on these boards was outspokenly AGAINST infinite, or so it seemed. Can’t speak to the steam or reddit communities.

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