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The End of Solforge and Pass and Play

Forum Posts: 24
Member Since:
March 26, 2014
January 5, 2017
7:20 pm

Let me just start off by saying I love solforge. I picked it up sometime around Rise and I’ve played pretty much everyday since. Over the years my girlfriend had seen me playing “that nerd game”, but was eventually intrigued enough to try a round and has also been hooked since. We used to play a lot together with the pass and play feature, before it was taken away (without warning) in the new client. 


I knew the game wasn’t doing well, but I was relatively surprised to learn about the complete shutdown planned for the 31st. We were both surprised at how crushed we were by the news. We’ve been playing daily for a while and the loss of Solforge is going to leave a pretty big hole. The complexity and depth of the game is truly refreshing, I don’t see myself picking up something else after solforge goes down (I tried hearthstone and found it to be really boring). Im beyond bummed. 


I’m posting this to make an impassioned plea to SBE to somehow restore the offline pass and play feature. 


I am not hopeful this will happen (as the game has already been pulled from the app store), but I feel like I have to at least try. Its depressing to think that the game will just fizzle out on the 31st and I’ll never play another match again. Furthermore, I’ve spent at least $1500+ on cards over the years and I hate to think I’ll have absolutely nothing to show for it. I sort of thought I would at least have access to the cards offline for pass and play when I purchased all those legendary chests (before the new internet dependent update). It certainly makes me wary of spending money on any SBE product in the future after getting so burned on this one. 


Im begging the makers of Solforge to consider this. I know the servers have to go down, but please give your loyal fans one last parting gift and let us continue to enjoy Solforge offline. Its such a fun and intelligent game, it would be a shame for years of SBE’s hard work/dedicated card development to go to waste. 


Is it possible to re-release the old client for a few days to download onto our iOS devices? This wouldn’t require any new development (which seems like the main barrier to reimplementing pass and play). I had the old client on my iPad mini for a while after the new client update, the new cards functioned appropriately with the exception of the card art not loading. I’m kicking myself for updating it, because I’d have access to the game indefinitely if I hadn’t. 


Please, give those of us who love the game and have stood by it (though some pretty rough patches) some kind of lasting reward for our dedication. I can't be the only person who would truly appreciate this. Please make the game available for pass and play offline after the shutdown. 


Forum Posts: 410
Member Since:
December 29, 2013
January 5, 2017
7:54 pm

I would absolutely love to have an (albeit neutered) version of SF on my iPad. While it wouldn't be exactly the same, it would still be enjoyable and nostalgic to get to play.

Ideal world would be to have the whole deckbuilder available offline, but that's dreaming. (I take that back. In an ideal world, SF would be back to its old glory and amazing again).

But I agree with the OP, I would love to have an offline version to keep and play with when I want to reminisce! 



Forum Posts: 384
Member Since:
September 14, 2012
January 5, 2017
8:14 pm

Yeah, being able to play on the old client would be a good memento. Truth be told, even to the very end I preferred the look, feel, and functionality of the old client anyway.

Forgeborn Elder
Forum Posts: 1227
Member Since:
October 9, 2013
January 5, 2017
10:03 pm

I hear ya on the impassioned plea.  I can certainly understand your request for some longevity considering you are $1500 invested in this game.  

But… I suspect having SBE re-release the original game is non-trivial.  I'm guessing it won't work on current devices (those with the latest software update), so how many people could/would really benefit?  I have to believe from SBEs perspective whatever time they put into SF at this point is throwing good money after bad.

Who knows, they may surprise us, but the same business decision they arrived at to shutter the game kind of precludes doing a bunch of work just to say thanks to the few loyal fans they have left.


Forum Posts: 16
Member Since:
May 16, 2014
January 6, 2017
7:31 am

I'd like to echo everything that OP mentioned in here. I also spent a substantial amount of money on this game because it had an offline option. I love playing against the computer, coming up with crazy deck ideas, just for the fun of it. Bringing the old client back or at least making it possible to play offline would be amazing. It would also be a great way for those of us who supported the game for years to continue to enjoy the game. *fingers crossed*


Forgeborn Initiate
Forum Posts: 6
Member Since:
March 20, 2013
January 9, 2017
11:41 am

Yes.  This is very sad.  I will miss this game.  I loved the game but I had just one problem with it at first.  Opening up packs became really tedious.  They built up to 100+ packs for me.  I just needed a quick "open all packs" button.  

Then the new client came out and we lost offline mode.  That is where my second problem came in.  I loved the game but I needed offline mode because I usually play on the metro.  I would play offline all the time.  And I was worried about what would happen if they ever shut down the servers.  

Sadly now that's exactly what's happening.  My investment in the kickstarter was more than I've spent on any iOS app ever (I think I ended up at close to $75 and over time I spent $25 on DLC).  


Please somehow release the original client or enable offline in the current.  

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